Tuesday, December 25, 2007

One Minute Golf Lesson

It is NOT important how you get to a good backswing & follow through position. It IS important that you do.
IF you do, indeed, understand these two key positions...Chances are you will GET THERE... AUTOMATICALLY

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Friday, November 30, 2007

Destroying Possibilities

Your child has a keen interest in golf and the piano & has been begging you for lessons. Lucky for your little buddy, the time is ripe to explore these fascinating worlds around the bend.
Before we force ahead like a raging bull, carelessly planting our precious child in the hands of some unskilled instructor, we need to use our heads for something besides a hat rack.
Priceless decisions are at stake. Please be totally aware of the side effects, warning signals, & flashing red lights. We have the awesome responsibility of handing over our future star to the best teacher possible. You do love the little tyke, don't you?
You take little Johnny or Mary by the hand and enter the piano store. Behold, spread before your four eyes is a room full of a bedazzling, glorious grand pianos, uprights, spinets...etc. You're both spellbound.
Out of the corner of your eye, you sense an approaching, smiling salesperson. Which piano fits your budget? Got plastic? You make your pick, which you mistakenly think is the MOST important one, THE PIANO! However. . . . the REAL electric moment is, when, for the rest of your Child's life....too important to say it only once....At stake is this...For the rest of your Child's life is the awesome decision you are about to make that will super profoundly effect either the hope for a joyous piano future or a train wreck.
Scenario One. .Blessed with lucky stars and Angles on duty at that very Hallmark moment, You and your treasure hit the lottery and are assigned an instructor who knows precisely how to extrapolate the full potential from your prized offspring. Your child is allowed to pick their own music. Up for grabs is ragtime, jazz, blues, classical, pop... The "tuned in' instructor "Listens" to the child, watches for the smile, and sparkle in their eyes. Thanks to this heaven sent teacher, your tiny prodigy becomes a fine pianist and will experience the joy of music that will serve them well for the rest of their life....during good times and bad. Your picture will sit atop their piano long after you're gone. They will pay homage to their fabulous parent..You.
Scenario Two. also known as "Whoops." Believing that ALL instruction is the same, you barely notice when an instructor is randomly and carelessly assigned to your "baby." You're in a hurry, haven't done your homework, and have no clue how important this event in time and space will become. The poor infant you picked up at the hospital is about to be thwarted by a piano instructor who has no gift for teaching, forces the child to read music, sit up straight, play scales and make the introduction to piano pure and painful misery. The child will grow to hate practicing and will plot ways to set the piano on fire without burning down the house.
Your young Mozart or Brubeck will never know how good they could have become. The inept instructor will too very soon, squelch all chances for that glorious event to become a reality.
The other day I was giving a golf lesson at a practice facility used by a local University. Next to us a dozen students were being (coached?) by some college pr-off who played AT golf...none of the other facility staff wanted the job. The natural beautiful basic swings these unsuspecting students were born with were slowly being eradicated. In less than an hour all hope of any one of them learning and enjoying golf was forever destroyed. What that instructor was teaching these bright eyed kids was absolutely nauseating! At the end of the agonizing hour, not one of them had a prayer for pursuing our game. I asked my student what he thought. We didn't know whether to report the coach for abuse or expose him in front of his students for being a fraud.
The fork in the road leads to one of two places. One has a rainbow and pot of gold at the end. The other has a bridge out and your child will plummet off a cliff into oblivion. Certainly you have figured out by now, that the same priceless decisions apply to all of us as well?

Adding Yardage

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


With an extensive background in golf, art, music, dance, home building, bodybuilding, and other endeavors too numerous to mention....I can tell you "THIS". THIS is THAT the high profile golf instructors with the straight whitened teeth, fine threads, "saloon tans" and other amenities that appeal to the plastic masses, are Nev...rrr fine golf instructors.
I have read just enough, thank God, golf instruction articles from the top 100 instructors to categorically state that their advice is a giant leap back for mankind. The human machine can NOT benefit from their idiotic approach! Yet, they are recognized not because of teaching prowess but because of marketing prowess.
There are fabulous musicians in Nashville that are prolific song writers, musicians, with incredible voices and stage presence that you will never hear of. Why, because they have no marketing agenda. On the other hand..there are those untalented soles who can't carry a tune in an ash bucket who are household names because of they understand that marketing is "where ITS at"
The best golf instructors are not found in the bogus top 100 or on the cover of a golf magazine or some golf channel. The top tournament players almost without exception make lousy instructors. Ben Hogan, the player, was one of the best who ever lived. Ben Hogan the author ruined more golfers than the San Francisco Earthquake. A high percentage of the most recognized names in golf instruction are con artists and are largely responsible for the dramatic rise in the popularity of psychiatry.
Fewer than 1/10th of 1% of golf instructors have the foggiest notion on how to improve their students games. Successful golf instruction is an art form. Yet, the man on the street assumes that ALL golf instruction is the same. AND that any country club pro, PGA pro or any instructors advice will be worth the bucks. Have you seen their swings or their students swings?
Consensus of opinion from golfers world wide validates that the very BEST golf instructor just might be some reclusive banjo player living in a log cabin in the hills of Tennessee and teaching his students via DVDs he and his wife cooked up!
Jim McLellan
THE "Anti-Pro"

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Instant Gratification

Zenith engineer Eugene Polley created the "Flash-matic" the first wireless TV remote in 1955. The Flash-matic operated by means of four photocells, one in each corner of the TV screen. The viewer used a directional flashlight to activate the four control functions, which turned the picture and sound on and off, and turned the channel tuner dial clockwise and counter-clockwise. However, the Flash-matic had problems working well on sunny days, when the sunlight sometimes changed channels at random. The improved "Zenith Space Command" remote control went into commercial production in 1956. Zenith engineer, Doctor Robert Adler, designed the Space Command based on ultrasonics. Ultrasonic remote controls remained the dominant design for the next twenty-five years, and as the name suggests they worked using ultrasound waves.

Today's couch potato has no idea who these men were and doesn't care. He does care about instant gratification in the form of the ability to jump from the Masters Golf Tournament to his alma mater's big Saturday championship show down with the tap of a button. Pabst's Blue Ribbon, chocolate covered pretzels, and Chip and Dip within EZ reach, he is fully loaded to snuggle in with himself for the duration of the afternoon without leaving the couch. Call it Bliss!

Is it "remotely possible" for the golfer to experience such magic? IS a major "Swing Change" POSSIBLE, in 5 minutes or less? Any interest in golf swing that is totally changed, natural, powerful, and the way a classic golf swing should look in 10 to 15 minutes? Possible? Skeptics take notice. The answer is YES!

At the end of the day would you prefer 1). A Sunday afternoon "blown" on the couch or 2). a stunning new golf swing? The choice is in your hands!

Jim McLellan,

The "Anti-Pro"

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Practice Does NOT Make Perfect

The light changes, you let out on the clutch too fast ... the old jalopy dies! You become the recipient of irate motorists suggesting your Mother sleeps in pay toilets!
Can you drive a stick shift? Where's reverse on a floor shift, on a column shift? "What in tarnation does this have to do with golf?" my good buddy asks. I smile and reply, "These two seemingly unrelated topics are both tricky motor skills that need to be performed correctly." No, this is not some test you must pass to get your drivers license. It is, however, a subject that identifies the motor skills necessary to master both stick shifts and our golf swings!
Meanwhile..It's a busy intersecting. You are patiently waiting for the light to change. You are stepping on the brake so you don't get T-boned by a 10 ton 18 wheeler. Finally, the light changes. At that split second, you release the brake...give your gas pedal just the right amount of juice. Using all the skills of a circus juggler, you let out on the clutch. Three things can happen. 1). You kill old Betsy, 2). you squeal out running into the car in front of you. OR.. 3) thanks to your plastic St. Francis on your dash board, you maneuver a slick get-a-way.
If 3, Three, or III. was your lucky number, what had to take place before the blessed event? Your day has been tough enough, so I will answer the question for you. G-Whiz, let's see....Heck I know...Sure enough....it's PRACTICE!!!
Funny thing Practice. Yes Sir, the part of the brain that etches habit into your motor skills can NOT differentiate between bad habits like smoking Lucky Strikes, OR good habits like the ability to smack a 310 yard drive with a slight draw, around the big tree and in clear view of the Washington Bent carpet with the flag merrily waving in the breeze___ at you.
Sorry, here's some bad news. Fewer than one in ONE HUNDRED AND ELEVENTY TWO golf pros know how to effectively teach the golf swing. This means that _YOU, YES YOU, will be practicing BAD habits. Quitting smoking or heroin or watching pretty girls at the beach is much easier to cease and desist than fixing a bad golf swing your friendly golf pro has ruined for you, for the rest of your frustrating life!
So chum, practice doesn't necessarily make perfect. PRACTICE MAKES PERMANENT!!! BBBeeeee very careful WHO you take golf lesson from and WHAT you practice! CUZ.. your habits may still be haunting you, when they close the lid!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Poor Peter

Monday, November 5, 2007

Straight Jacket

Sick & Tired of fumbling around in the dark trying to find your best golf swing?
Sick & Tired of reading golf magazine tips___that never work (never will)___on how to cure your slice or get more distance?
Sick & Tired of watching the goof channel and never lowering your score one/tenth of a stroke? Sick & Tired of spending a small fortune on golf lessons and getting more confused and frustrated__how about worse?

Well, Mr & Mrs Sick & Tired, we have some good news for you today. You have gobs of company. Most golfers are in this class and will stay in this class___ Fore-ev-rrrr.

THE INSANE REASON IS SO SIMPLE____ T.HEY (You?) continue to look in all the wrong places that never worked in the first place. Get the straight jacket!

The Solution is SIMPLE... FIX what needs to be FIXED!
CHANGE what needs to be CHANGED!

Just a short post to help brighten up your day!
Mr. Reality
Jim McLellan
Your Friendly "Anti-Pro"

Monday, August 27, 2007

How Are You Wired?

Five, count 'em, FIVE decades OR...if you're keeping score(that's 2 1/2 score) have taught me that there are basically two general types of golfers. GROUP I: those who watch a golf swing, let it hard wire directly into their own motor skills, have zero interest in the technical side and rewire their own swings in effect...they represent the 1% with pretty, effective, consistent, & powerful golf swings. Please find below words from a student who definitely fits in this elite group. Group I.

In part..."Jim, I so wanted to have the silky smooth swing that you have but could never get over the hump. I would always revert back to the bad habits that had been learned over a lifetime. I would tell myself that it just can't be as easy as Jim says it is! The breakthrough came when I started reading a book on THINKING. How changing our thoughts can change our reality. I felt brand new and full of energy! I pulled an "all-nighter" with your videos. Only this time... without the sound. I watched your swing over and over and over again. Jim, it was like I was actually "seeing" the swing for the first time. I went out and practiced the "swing" and to my absolute amazement...beautiful golf shots. Crisp, clean, pure contact. My mind wanted to tell me that it was a fluke but my thinking has changed. I am a golfer with a smooth, powerful, and beautiful swing. Thank you, Jim." Marlon Glenn, Inkster, MI.

Group II...Then there are those poor souls that can't take YES for an answer. Who insist that everything is complicated, complex, the Sun is fixin to burn out, and the sky is falling. They want all the ridiculous and non pertinent details that the man with the great golf swing never considered in the first place. This group invariably comes from an engineering, technical, academic, think inside the box, someone has to tell them when & how to PEE....background. It is very difficult to convenience this group that the great swings are simply copied by watching. You should try reaching this group of hard of hearing, sightless, lost at sea urchins...banging your head against a brick wall won't help one bit!
This group will forever have swings that appear contrived, robotic, and artificial. These golfers are incapable of swimming down stream or riding the horse the same way the horse wants to go. Rewiring for this group is very difficult, they speak a different language. Screaming louder and louder "where's the bathroom" to someone that speaks only Swahili is futile. Better, find a bush, quick. The information is right there in front of their face but their eyes are slammed shut and they have ear plugs...they flatly refuse to "learn the language....break the code" "watch & do..Keep it Simple" ...as Marlon, the golfer above, did.

This Group II Group, W-A-S-T-E their time searching for some mysterious secret somewhere beyond how a 7 year old will simply watch and copy. It can be very exasperating for both the instructor and the student if one decides that a great golf swing is acquired from the same technical approach an engineer would use. It's possible all the angels in heaven will never change their minds. It is so simple but these bull-headed mules refuse to budge. What to do? Brain surgery, hypnosis, threatening their life?...who knows?

The best way is the lazy man's way. "Hell, I don't have time for all the technical mechanics garbage. Show me a great swing and I will steal it"!

Warning.... YOU.... are wasting your valuable time with Group II!.. They're wired weird. You'll have better luck teaching a squirrel how to play the harmonica.

Jim McLellan, "The Anti-Pro"

Friday, August 17, 2007

New Putter

Monday, August 13, 2007

Can You Count to Three?

It was a picture perfect fall day, ideal for trying out my new driver at the local driving range. There must have been 30+ golfers who couldn't resist the temptation to get outside and enjoy this glorious autumn day.

On our trip home my wife had some comments that seemed casual at first but became more profound as the conversation unfolded.

My wife doesn't play golf and has little interest in learning. She's the "smart one!"
It appeared to her that with dozens of good swings to copy on TV every weekend, any golfer should know what a decent golf swing looks like. "Seems simple, to me __watch and copy."

The ride home is about 25 minutes. I asked her to elaborate on her statement. She said, "For one thing, no one has a decent backswing." "How can they have any chance of hitting the ball very far, if they have short backswings, and two, they either lift their heads and top the ball or drop their heads and hit the mat." ..."and three," she continued "they have no follow through...they stop their swing before it looks like they should." "Further," she added, "the poor things are kidding themselves, they'll never get any better practicing the wrong stuff." hummmm.

I asked her what she would say to those golfers if she had a chance. "I would have them copy your backswing (That's One), after they got that I would have them copy your follow-through (That's Two)...after they got that I would tell them their heads are moving and yours isn't (That's Three). ONE, TWO, THREE..done.

Go to a driving range and see for yourself. How many golfers can count to three? Can You?

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Point to Ponder

"Life is tough. Life is tougher if you're stupid." John Wayne

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Easy Come, Easy Go

Perhaps you have experienced the thrill of finding a tip that works for you right off the bat. Overjoyed that you found the secret, the Holy Grail, the trick, to catapult your golf into something that really, really works, you rush to the range and try it out.
To your amazement___ it does. So excited you don't tell your golfing buddies....for fear that they will improve right along with you. No thanks, It's just too much fun taking their money.

To your horror, the very next time out your new swing falls apart. You miss the brass ring, can't catch the greased pig & the diamond has turned into a cheap piece of glass. You are desperate to pull the rabbit back out of the hat....BUT___alas your fleeting secret has vanished into thin air.

The TRUE TEST of a solid golf swing is how does it work round after round, time after time, year after year. Does your swing require only an occasional adjustment? A minor tune up? Just change the oil, Mr. Goodwrench....everything else is fine. No need for a complete overhaul.

Will you ever find your BEST swing? Will you ever have a swing you can fix by yourself?
Ask 10 golf instructors how to fix a slice, & you get 10 opinions. More yardage?__10 opinions. Topping? 10 opinions. Do you read golf magazines month after month ....they never agree on anything...do they?

There is only ONE best way to find your very own perfect golf swing! The Good News is THAT ONE BEST WAY__ works for everyone. Just like walking. The TRUE TEST for reliable golf instruction is how do the principles hold up year after year after year! We have students who have used our McLellan Golf Instruction for 50 years now. They write to tell us..." It still Works." Some have strayed off the path thinking there is mysteriously MORE TO IT. "Can't be that simple," they think. Ultimately, they always come back to our principles, & are furious that they strayed and wasted valuable time getting side-tracked with pure nonsense in the first place.

Our students are proud of their swings! Words they use to describe their golf swings are____ solid, crisp, consistent, pretty, powerful, self fixable, & a joy to own.... time after time after time. Have you waited long enough?


Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tricky Shot

Trust Me?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Our Creed

My creed goes something like this: Keep it simple, stick to the basics, practice consistently with enthusiasm and intensity, use logic, be creative and intuitive, be confident in your applications, be happy and deal with your misery. Be real. Stop fussing. There are absolutely no secrets. Nothing's new. Collect the necessary information and get to work. The clutter of intelligence, the waste of words describing a simple thing, the superior heaps of decaying mental rubbish surrounding our game is EVERYWHERE. The sensible applications of the basics to YOUR GAME is simple.. not necessarily EASY....You actually have to get off your can and do it....But, at the end of the day you will have the feeling that it is, indeed, SIMPLE! There are people out there who have read so much they think they actually know something. The learning's not in the reading,... it's in the doing.
Inspired by & in harmony with Dave Draper

Monday, June 25, 2007


Look familiar? How about ASDFGHJKL;? Shoot a glance at ZXCVBNM. Step into into the wonderful world of the personal printing press, A/K/A, the typewriter, & finally today's modern key....board.

Who would draw a correlation between the keyboard and a better understanding of the mechanics of the golf swing? Today's Top Scientific Minds would argue that a genius touch would be the catalyst necessary to effect this dynamic relationship.

What can the keyboard teach us about our golf swing? PLENTY!

For the first time since 1868 & the invention of the typewriter, by Christopher Scholes, a dramatic epiphany in time and space links Chris's machine with a golf swing. The marriage between these seemingly unrelated items becomes a "BOON" to our golf game, totally overlooked a century and some change later.

Somewhere in your past you learned to type. Perhaps in a classroom in school. You may have sat down, along with other boys and girls, in front of a typewriter with no numbers or letters on the keys. This very important fact would help you take the shortcut in learning how to BEST use this interesting machine. Years later, hereafter referred to as NOW, you will discover how this typing approach can do far more for your golf game than most conventional forms of golf instruction.

Typing instruction eliminated the necessity of using our eyes in learning how to type. Our typing book informed us that mysteriously hidden under our fingers were letters & numbers. Under the pinkie of our left hand was hiding the A, next to it and waiting patiently to be "struck" was the S, conveniently located under our ring finger. ......Time marches on and at the end of the semester we have mastered the entire keyboard. We can type!

Here's the good part! What if, at the beginning of every class, we were presented with a new keyboard configuration? Some "Opportunist, " Sniffing... huge profits... & sensing our..... gullible....ness ," had moved all the numbers & letters somewhere else on the keyboard.... convincing us ..... that it was "a better idea!"

Are you doing the same thing to your golf swing? Is re-wiring your brain with magazine tips, lessons from this and that golf instructor, books, videos, & any advice really a "better idea?" OR..... Is this approach preventing YOU from finding "Your Best Keyboard Lay-Out" YES...."Your Best Swing."

Reach out and type something. Do you consciously know what rests under your finger tips or do you somehow think of a letter or number and your "fingers" know exactly what to do? Your brain doesn't have to process the information through the eyes & into the thinking part of our brain...in other words "The Long Route"....does it? Your best golf swing takes place when you are NOT thinking. Doesn't it?

Typing works & it works incredibly well because the "Typing Industry," unlike the "Golf Industry," left us the hell alone!

Inspired by Elaine McLellan

Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Modern Golf Swing

Up for grabs is the opportunity to take full advantage of today's latest technology which can analyze the swinging of a golf club frame by frame, millimeter by millimeter___ & apply this modern wizardry to our golf swings!

Our contemporary golf industry has an infinite array of high tech___faster than a speeding bullet___ space age equipment designed to "break down" the swings of our super star players. Thanks to these technocrats, who do all the work & hand us the results, we are able to cut and paste the information directly to our own golf swings! Only a Neanderthal would dig a golf swing out of the dirt like the out of date "old timers" did. With today's electronic gadgetry at our beck and call, why do "IT" the hard way?

The point of impact is the intersection at which the "accident" takes place, preciously when & where the head of a golf club slams into the unsuspecting dimpled sphere sitting patiently on a wooden pedestal! That's where the sperm and the egg embrace.

Stop the camera at that lightening fast blur and steal all we can from that dash of time___ reaping the bag full of priceless rare jewels. At long last the mysteries of the gifted are shared with we less privileged mortal souls...i.e. tips to transform our inept golf swings into incredible ball crushing machinery. The rabbit is pulled from the magician's hat. We now know how much the golfers knee flexes at that mini-moment, right and left elbow shape, spine torque, wrist flex, grip pressure, lower to upper body X-factor, shoulder ratio & it's relationship to hard or soft spikes, the reaction of titanium versus platinum heads, & fiber strands versus cold rolled steel shafts!

Today's designer swings, single axle, double clutching, rubber burnin', nitro fuel powered un -natural golf swings are the brain child of the golf industry more specifically the teaching golf instructor, the magazine publisher, the Golf Channel, the carnival barker & the vizored chap with the pencil thin mustache & Chesterfield cigarette running the shell game. So brazen, they rob without a mask and are oblivious to the rolling security cameras. This brain laundering approach makes lots of folks.....lots of wampum.

If you've been sucker punched into falling for their lunacy, shame on you, enjoy your stay in no-mans land and get set to havin' yo' butt whopped by those using common sense.

The significant time period that will go down in history should, hereafter, be referred to as the Golden Age of The Golf Swing... before computers, high speed film and all the other gadgets that were NEVER used by the classic swingers & absolutely do NOT apply to how the golf swing truly functions. For you see, Mr.Common Sense, the golf swing is way too quick for us mortals to effect the changes the Golf Industry Thieves are pitching at us. They continue using their marketing approach because "we buy it." "The rich get rich and the poor golfer gets poorer, in the meantime, in between time "Ain't __they___ got Fun? & money to burn!"

Sam Snead, when asked how he found his elegant, graceful, fabulous golf swing replied ___"It's just like hitting a rock with a stick." Sam didn't know a computer from a fishing pole___but he finished in 1st place 185 times, 2nd place 63 times and 3rd place 54 times. Sam finished in the top ten 358 times and in the top twenty-five 473 times. In 1954, he won his third and final Masters after defeating Ben Hogan in a memorable 18 hole playoff, and in 1959 he shot a world record 59 in a USGA sanctioned golf tournament. Sam didn't fall for the complicated version of the golf swing___ how 'bout you?

Breakfast Drink

We are excited to share this delicious & healthful drink with you. Our dynamite friend, Noriko, born in Tokyo, Japan___ turned us on to this incredible drink a few months ago. Perfect way to start your day.
Check out all the benefits to most of the ingredients at: http://www.whfoods.org/foodstoc.php

Place in Blender:
1 medium apple, pealed/cored/quartered
2 sprigs parsley
Fist full of Kale leaf
Fist full Red Swiss Chard leaf
Small clump of Broccoli Sprouts
1"x 4" strip Green Pepper
Hand full Red Cabbage
2 fresh strawberries
2 Tbs ground flax seed
1/2 cup frozen Triple Berries..(black berries, blue berries & raspberries)
2 Tbs Tart Cherry Juice concentrate...(Fast Fruit brand)
1 1/2 Cups Pomegranate/Cranberry juice (no sugar added)
1/2 C water
1/3 banana
Blend on high until chopped up.
Add 2 or 3 oz. soy milk blend for few seconds.

Serves 2


Thursday, June 21, 2007


I'm sending you this picture from my grave! Recognize Me? NO?... perhaps, you've been in a cryogenic sleep capsule or adrift on the Santa Maria. If you have a smattering of interest, please allow me to introduce myself.

My given name is William Shakespeare. Mumsey called me William. My friends knew me as Will. Respectful children called me Mr. Shakespeare. My girlfriends, (That's Plural) referred to me as Slick Willy. I wrote fancy stuff between 1564 & 1616.

Golf was not invented during my stint on Terra Firma. Living amongst y'all today___ I would, no doubt, set my plume aside and reach for a golfer's magic wand.

One of my famous quotes ___ "To be or not to be?... that is the question." TODAY I might write "To DVD or not to DVD?... that is the question."

I am confronted with the dilemma of taking golf lessons from an instructor or buying a golf instruction DVD. Being a rather bright feller, I ponder....Which is better?

If I were to take a golf lesson from someone living outside one of those new fangled DVD players, wouldn't he/she/it, do a better job? THEY could see my swing up close and personal ___ giving me immediate diagnosis. A DVD never sees my swing, never views my personal problems, and has no idea how wonderfully unique I am. Seems to me like a lesson from a real, live, living and breathing creature would___ hands down___ be the right choice. Why waste anymore ink dis__cussing "IT?"

But, hold the phone, (fill in your own name here)_________& grab your shovel. We need to do some serious digging.

My guru (The Anti-Pro) informs me that "less than 5 golf pros in 100 have the skills to help me with this odd game. Most folks are scared stiff of not being politically kosher. So who's left with the balls (golf, or otherwise) to give me the low-down? ..No one BUT the AP will dish out the cold hard facts i.e. the other 95 will make you WORSE....how do you like 'dem apples?

Let's squint up the skirt of an exceptional golf swing instruction DVD! Anything of interest?. A DVD containing the correct "skinny" on how to swing a one pound weapon should be worth some head scratching. Don' cha think?

How is the high tech, freeze frame gobbledygook force fed to us by the "Carney Folks," a/k/a fruitcakes, masquerading as golf instructors, applicable to my game? EZ Dear Reader…..All great golf swings are built on the same tried and true principles & are timeless. Nothing new & improved here…you're not buying a box of Tide!. The correct DVD has umpteen advantages over what you may have previously considered the "best choice."

An excellent DVD can cover the "secrets" that apply to ALL great golf swings___ Thee & Moi included.. We can watch a DVD over and over and over rewiring our motor skills from the comfort of our favorite easy chair. If you are flat lucky enough to find a decent golf instructor…most of your lesson, you just took at the driving range, is forgotten before you hit the 19th hole.

Now, what If your DVD coach has golf's finest swing to mimic and is a gifted instructor to boot...Whoopee & Hallelujah. Isn't that the very best way to learn? Worked for you in walking and talking, didn't it?

Lets talk money here or, in my day, pound sterling's. Let's see... I can learn more with one DVD that covers everything I need to know for the price of one golf lesson or I can blow my entire paycheck on the outrageous cost of several unproductive golf lessons? Appealing decision in 1600, 1800, 2000, 2200..... and most anytime your heart is "Lub-Dubing."

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Genius Sayings

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex. It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.
Albert Einstein

Not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.
Albert Einstein

We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.
Albert Einstein

Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school.
Albert Einstein

Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not sure about the universe.
Albert Einstein

Thursday, June 7, 2007


Amaze & impress your friends by adding this wonderful word to your vocabulary.

Impedimenta.....Objects that impede or encumber progress.

Time for some Spring Cleaning...doncha think?

Plowing through the closet and taking outdated clothes to the Goodwill, clearing out the garage so we can actually park our car under roof, getting rid of junk we haven't used in a decade___feels sooooooo good!

As a bonus of having more physical room, our brains are less cluttered__less confused___less frustrated &___ Yes....cleaner!

My wife and I may be at the same stage with our dance that you are with your golf. As you may have noticed__ in your search for golf tips, there is a glut of information or misinformation on the Internet.

In our lust to become good at our dance, we have fallen for the promise that we too can become fantastic dancers if we inundate ourselves with more and more information.

Hit by a bolt of lightening...we looked at each other and said ***You know what?....we are making the same mistake golfers make.*** Bombarded with tip after tip on how to perform our dance...we were becoming more confused, more frustrated, & more unable to fully understand and enjoy our dance.

We sat down and came up with a plan. What ONE, and ONLY ONE instruction makes the most sense? What One instructor are we going to follow? Who do we really__ really want to look like when we dance? We carefully separated their material from all the rest, packed all the nonsense in a plastic container, & placed it in storage...far far away from our grasp. Canceled all our workshops and private lessons. In one day, our dance makes more sense, is easier, we look better, & we are enjoying our dance immensely.....now that all the impedimenta has been eliminated. Try it! You'll love the feeling of *cleanness*___&___the results that come with it!!!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Enough Already

I thought about calling this post "The 1% Club." What the heck is the 1% Club? The 1% Club is an exclusive *brotherhood* of those that rise to the top of any particular endeavor. Those that appear gifted, blessed, or other wise lucky to be so damn good at *IT*.

The rest... the 99%ers... flap around on the beach like a wounded Flipper! Those in the 99% club watch the 1%ers and marvel at their unearthlike performances.

In truth, the 1% club members have simply broken the code. They would be the first to share with you the *secret* is____ simplicity.

Do you know where your golf swing comes from? Give up? At the back of your skull lives the part of this mechanism that gives you your golf swing. It sits patiently waiting for you to give it something to do. If you insist on pouring junk in....it will regurtate junk out. The difference between the *gifted* and the hacker is what they feed their motor skill center!

If the 1%ers have distilled their golf swing down into 3 key factors____why would anyone insist on making it more difficult than that? Do they really love the 99% club that much?

Interested in being rich or poor, healthy or sick...good looking or butt ugly? Interested in finding your best swing with the least or most information?

The code breakers have the 3 key factors in their golf swings which is exactly why their swings produce stellar results. Their golf game is radically different than the 99ers who have fallen for the "more is better" approach courtesy of the all mighty golf industry.!..

You won't find the 1% club in the yellow pages. Only 1% cut the mustard in Golf, or investing, or body building, or jet piloting, or Navy Seal__ing.

*Here kitty kitty, jump out of the bag...you are free at last.* See below!

Those ONE percenters rely on good old fashioned common sense. They fully understand that their membership in the 1% club will be revoked if they dump ANY useless crap on their cerebellum. So simple is *IT* that *IT* will go right over the heads of 99 out of 100 of all golfers. That explains why the 99% club has so many members, doesn't it?

Friday, May 4, 2007

Dancing and Golf

About 2 years ago my wife and I took up dancing. I had absolutely no previous dance experience.

I like to be good at what I do.

I have wasted a considerable amount of time WISHING I was better, WATCHING good dancers and STUDYING the dance. West Coast Swing is our dance of choice.

Last week I started video taping my dance. I saw what I really looked like! It is worlds apart from what I thought I looked like.

I have many dancing friends who "play at it" but don't put much directed "work at it."

The truth is funny. We can STUDY it or we can DO it.

Those good at golf or dancing do the same thing...they know exactly what to do and they spend a considerable amount of time doing it. Not wishing, not reading about it, not thinking they somehow deserve to magically be better.


Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Have you heard that inside the bony mass, hereafter referred to as the "skull", lives a 3 pound gray blob that resembles chewed up bubble gum & is wired with 100 billion neurons? Within this wad of bubble gum we can locate and identify the part that drives your golf swing. We could call it the mother board. We could call it anything we want or name it after our family mutt, Rover. In the interest of being politically correct and not offend anyone we should call it by its given name, not Phil, not Sam, not Ben, not Tiger but Cerebellum (some sort of Latin influence here). No need to haggle over whether this is a first or last name. Liberace is a complete name. Do you care if Tiger has a last name?

So we interview this Latin guy, Cerebellum. And we ask him what he would like to see us do differently to ___you know___to improve our golf game. Did you catch the key word? No? It was "DIFFERENTLY". We are told that...If we continue to do the same thing and expect different results___ that's a sign of insanity.

First, we notice that he is aggravated with us. Why? What the heck did we do so terribly wrong? For openers he sez we flood him with information that is 99.999% useless. (Remember, he is only responsible for the motor skill stuff and has no clue what to do with analytics and statistics). ..And he says, that's not the bad part! How so, we ask? He continues **If the information we've been dumping on him was simply of no value, neutral, and had no side effects....fine. But...Warning....it is not fine. Our golf health is at great risk!

You see, there are no gates, no blocks, no walls that prevent bad stuff, that grows bad habits, from passing into the sanctum of this incredible motor control mechanism. So complicated and sophisticated is this device that our top brainy scientists are not sure how this contraption works.

OK...we got off the subject.. . . . . How can we befriend this mechanism so it will work in our favor or favour if you prefer. Let's ask This Wizard of Golfdom. First, thing he implores, is that we stop throwing useless babble at it. Leave it alone. OZ informs us that since the golf swing only takes 2 seconds...It does NOT need a ANY MORE information than is absolutely necessary.

You see. . ..being a people pleazer, the Cerebellum grabs all we send it. Whoops! Here's the bad part. It doesn't know the difference between a good tip and a bad tip so it records everything and tries to apply every bit of information we toss it's way! .....To help us out?
What it really wishes we would do is STOP. Leave it the hell alone and let it work with the basics that have made great golfers great. So simple, just copy!

2 Seconds and the golf swing is history. The ball is gone...lands on the fairway or green or lake or out of bounds...but it's gone

We have the choice to follow our Cerebellum's advice and keep it simple, eschewing the nonsense the Golf Industry tries to shove down our throats for their profit...NOT OURS!.

OK, spill the beans Mr. C., What can we do to make a humongous difference in our golf? Elementary Watson, we need to have the correct back swing and follow through and in between these points we need to have a relatively still head which glues everything together. Done! When these factors exist, billions of neurons fire at the exact nano second and presto...look at that ball fly! Can you count? Only 3 Factors, Not 3 Zillion.

OR_______we can continue to ignore Mr. C's advice, continue to play lousy golf and make fools of ourselves for another season & another season. Your choice, Not mine!
"Anything else?" we ask before it's too late and our clubs end up in the lake? "Simple," the rear part of our brain dishes out. "Throw away your golf magazines, stop taking golf lessons, turn off the golf channel & and tell your well meaning golf buddies with their opinions on what you should do with your golf swing____ to go jump in the lake full of rusty golf clubs.

Monday, March 26, 2007


Thinking about taking a lesson to improve your game? Confused about where to start your search for "Mr. Right" THE teaching pro? Will the high profile instructor have more to offer? What if you can actually get a lesson from an award winning pro recently featured on the cover of a golf mag? Better yet, how about a "coach" of one of the top tournament players?
In case you are not a recent lottery winner, you may have to keep your search close to home. Are you a member of a swanky country club in your area? Should you sign up with the aloof instructor with the alligator shoes, alpaca sweater, silver "toup" courtesy of The Men's Hair Club, gold neck chain, and yellow Palm Beach slacks. You know the guy - parks his red Lamborghini in that spot marked for the "head golf professional" ten paces from the pro shop door. Some "dope" accidentally parked there last year and no one has seen him since.

If not among the "country club set" you may have to settle for an instructor at a semi-private course or a muni or an "open to the public" track. Where does your "perfect" golf pro reside or hide? You have heard of golf pros anointed by Saint PGA? Perchance these gifted individuals can wave their magic wand over your troubled swing. Some golf pro who is not a member of this fine organization, who teaches at a run down driving range couldn't be worth his salt or yours either for that matter...Or could he/she? The driving range. You know the one that is family owned where you drive off rubber mats. Sure, the place "or joint" surrounded by tall "chicken wire" fences protecting the neighborhood from dimpled missiles. Mom or Pop sells you a bucket of balls, if they are not in the back room unloading a batch of freshly scrubbed balls from their vintage Maytag washing machine. And, get this, because no real golf pro would be caught dead associating with this dump, Mom and Pop double as the friendly instructors.

To keep you from dozing lets jump to other venues of instruction information. Why not a Wonderful Golf School in some palm tree infested paradise? Spend a week, and your children's college education "green," and sign up for a series of lessons. Boy, will the boys back home be surprised when you show up with your new swing!!! And your wife?....happy as a little kid eating paste...with all her shopping bargains crammed in your 4-door Jalopy.

Let's see, where else? Yeah, the Internet....Is this the lowest of the low? Can't these so called golf pros get a "real job"....as Mom used to say. So you scoot your swivel close to the computer and peer. Pitch after pitch. Book after book. Video after video. Going mad yet? What should you do? Tennis? Nope, same problems or worse. More phony instructors while you run around making a fool of yourself on hot pavement. And your knees? . . can't take it. Worse yet, no carts.

Back to square one. What to do? What should be the criteria? How do YOU limit your search so you can get better before spending time at the "Gate" tryin' to convince Saint Peter that swearing on the golf course is no reason to keep you out.

OK, all right already. This author may be running out of ink and here the last paragraph is approaching at warp speed....So. Your "perfect" golf pro can teach you all you need to know about the golf swing in: NOT a series of costly, take out a second mortgage, lessons…. Not 3 or 4 eye openers to reveal secrets known only to the Aztec Indians, BUT ....here it comes and you are not programmed to believe this, a GOOD golf instructor can teach you all you need to know about YOUR golf swing in approximately, .......drum roll please.......15 minutes!!!

So where is the right scoop?
Not at the CC, or in a golf magazine, or on the Goof Channel, or from 95% Of the PGA pros, or from your playing partner who can't break an egg with his swing. 95% of this mis-advice will set your swing in a tail spin .

"Holy verboseness Red Ryder" another paragraph.
The "boys' on the cover of a golf magazine, the coach of a tour star, Mr. Big shot at the CC, or the instructor nominated by the Red Cross as Teacher of the Year, are most likely better at marketing than helping you find your swing. How about Mom or Pop at the range?. .Most probably…An excellent choice. What about Uncle Harry the scratch player? How about saving your coin, play a LOT of golf with Uncle Hank copy his swing, his rhythm, his way of taking that five mile hike with low numbers recorded on the score card?

This phenomenon we call the golf swing takes less than two seconds. There are a few "KEY FACTORS" involved in a great golf swing. From there, loyal reader, 95% of perfecting your perfect swing is PRACTICING those Key Factors.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Welcome To Golf's Anti-Pro

Hang on to your hats, fasten your seatbelts___The golfer's Anti-Pro, more specifically, YOUR Anti-Pro, is coming to town!!!

Who is the Anti-Pro, you ask? A no nonsense/common sense golf instructor who has studied the effects of golf instruction for over 50 years. Interested in what he found?

***MOST golf instruction will do more harm than good!!! How much is MOST??... It is likely that over 90% of golfers/students trade substantial money for ridiculous "tips" that are practiced and then become "bad" habits. Students become frustrated, confused and quit golf, thinking they are NOT smart enough or talented enough for the game. It's not the students fault!!! . Less than 5% of all golf "instructors" are gifted enough to impact positive benefits for their students, the remaining 95% should be flipping burgers at some fast food diner.***

Stay tuned....!!!