Saturday, September 5, 2009

Golf Made Simple

This from one of our golf students with a sense of humor!

Golf Made Simple US Patent Issued In 1975

Golf Made Simple…not with this machine!

According to the inventor, this giant training arch allows "the swing to be accommodated even in a sport having a swing as complex as that of golf wherein the club may travel through a continuously changing swing plane and which changes may themselves change depending upon the particular club or the various parameters dictating the required shot to be executed, even when the same club is utilized from shot to shot", end quote. You may want to re-read that a couple of times to grasp the full potential of the St. Louis arch of the golf world. And, the aforementioned changing changes are accommodated by hydraulic fluid, valves, electrical sensors and actuators. This thing is just too complex to explain in a paragraph or two, or three, or four. But we do know you have to wear a helmet like device and your odds of being able to relax and develop a natural swing are almost zip.

Jim McLellan
aka/The Anti Pro/ The Maverick
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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fork You!

A recent visit to the emergency room, at world famous Vanderbilt Hospital, taught me mega tons. I wasn't there for me. I was there to be with our daughter in law who is expecting our grand baby. She and baby are just dandy, thanks for asking.

As I sat for hours by the emergency room door, I was witness to tons of blubber wallering through the door. The trimmest person (over 10 y/o) was a good 30 pounds over weight. The average was 80#s and some were sneaking up on a shocking 400#s of body weight. MOST of what got them to the ER was___ they were FAT. _____followed closely by alcohol and drug problems & an excuse to get off work.

These people, apparently, had no control over what they threw down the bottomless pit located in the front of their head. Long ago they discovered that the hinge in the middle of the arm was cleverly designed to bend and shovel in anything that would go down and stay down. They had NO idea what was on the end of their fork. They were forking themselves to death.

We Scots have a fondness for sweets (& Scotch)...gave it up years ago. But not sweets....I hurry through the meal to get to the dessert...yummy. My mouths watering just thinking about that cherry pie and chocolate chip ice cream. But there's a catch. I was sporting a pot, gut, fat stomach, protrusion, impedimenta, lard....that my wife pointed out was becoming__ unbecoming. She referred to me as my Uncle Ronnie. A great uncle but with a grand gut. His doctor informed him that he should diet and Uncle asked him, "Why, what color is it?"

The by-product of my sweet tooth was producing adverse results in both my Greek God appearance and general well being aka/health. I did something about it. I didn't have to give up my desserts. Believe this or not, I have a chocolate sundae after lunch, pie and ice cream EVERY night. In the last 7 weeks I've lost 13 pounds. How did you do that?" you ask. Here's how.

I decided to pay attention to what was on the end of my fork. It's soooo simple it will put every expensive diet plan out of business. AND just when you thought I was an expert on GOLF only.
Here, dear reader ... the Anti-Pro's sure fire, eye popping, rubber burning, nitro powered, fail safe plan to, once and for all, rediscover that gorgeous body hidden under layers of ugly lard.

Step one....Buy the right scale. TANITA (found at or you may find one on EBay.) Weigh every morning, totally naked. Keep a written record.

Step two...Write down everything you eat for 3 days. Look up the calories.

Step three. Understand that it takes 500 calories less per day to lose a pound a week.

Step four....See how you can find 500 calories every day that you will never miss.

Step 5....When dining out split the meal with you wife. OR get a to-go box at the start of the meal and divide your meal in half. Makes a good lunch for the next day.

Step 6...Drink 8 oz of water 20 minutes before you eat.

Step 7....Brush your teeth as soon as you can after a meal.

Hint! Want to look several pounds thinner, instantly? Every time you are waiting for the traffic light to turn green___try to "touch" your spine with your belly button. Several times during the day, "suck" your stomach in and hold it for as long as you can. It's a very good habit to establish!

Serious about a well toned mid-section? Check out AbNabber, 2 Posts back. Most effective exercise device since the earth cooled.

It is so ridiculously easy you will wonder how you ever let yourself turn into a gigantic monster! The Anti-Pro food plan will never have you feeling deprived and works like a charm. What have you got to lose?

Jim McLellan The Anti-Pro...Diet Guru
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Saturday, July 18, 2009

6,000,000 to ONE!

How many double eagles (albatrosses for those outside the U.S) have you seen with your very own eyes? Chances are none. Vegas odds makers put the chance, of the average golfer scoring a double eagle, at around 6 million to one. That's 6,000,000 to just ONE.

In the afternoon of April 7, 1935, the Squire, Gene Sarazen, accompanied by his Caddie, "Stovepipe," came to the par-5, 485 yard, 15th tee at Augusta National Golf Club. He was trailing Craig Wood by 3 strokes. Wood was finished with his final round and was waiting in the clubhouse with a score of 282. Gene’s drive, off the tee, went 250 yards and found the fairway. He had 235 yards to go to the pin on the green. There is a pond that separates the fairway from the green that crosses directly in front making a "run up" to the pin impossible. After talking with "Stovepipe" Gene selected his 4-wood for the extra loft it delivers for his second drive from the fairway. He swung the 4-wood and stuck a low line drive that delivered a shot that peaked 30 yards in the air. It was long enough to carry the pond guarding the green, bounced once and rolled to the cup . . . gently hit the pin and fell in. Gene Sarazen had scored a "double eagle" duce, three under par, to tie Craig Wood who waited in the Clubhouse. "The shot heard around the world." The first double eagle recorded during tournament play. Approximately 20 people witnessed the feat. One of them was Augusta Nationals founder, Bobby Jones.

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson have yet to make a double eagle since joining the tour. Phil Burling of Aurora, Ohio has done what these "two hackers" haven't been able to accomplish. &&&, dear reader, he has cut over a dozen strokes off his game in the meantime. In his own words, here is his story.

Dear Jim: Two years ago I purchased your DVDs and have been following your advice ever since. I have seen a great improvement in my game. I was averaging in the low to mid 90s, now I average in the low 80s. Hopefully, I will be shooting in the 70s soon; I have been so close numerous times! In addition, I used to average 200 yards off the tee, now I am averaging around 260 yards. You are right the golf swing is simple and you don’t need to be thinking about 100 things during the swing.

I will never forget yesterday (July 11, 2009). My regular league was playing Hawks Nest (Ohio State’s ATI course in Creston, OH). The first hole is a 474 yard par 5 and I hit a 270 yard drive followed by a 200 yard 3 hybrid into the cup for a double eagle. Obviously, I was ecstatic! And it was the first double eagle that my playing partners have witnessed. They were just as ecstatic as I was. We didn’t get to finish the round because of a thunderstorm, but it could have been my first round breaking 80. I don’t think I would have ever accomplished such a feat without your DVDs.

This is from Dave Diehl, one of my playing partners that day: We were playing in a threesome: Phil Burling, Gerry Flinn and myself, Dave Diehl. The first hole was a par five, I believe 470 yards +. Gerry and I hit our normal drives and Phil bombed his drive 70 yards + past us. I dubbed my second shot and hit my third about 50 yards from the green. Phil's drive put him about 200 or so yards from the green so he waited for the green to clear before hitting his second shot. I was riding in a cart so I drove half way to the green to watch his approach. His second shot was a slow steady riser and when it hit ground, it rolled, rolled, and rolled - directly towards the green. There is a small mound in front of this green so as the ball rolled on I could not tell where it had stopped. Excited, I drove my cart towards the green and still saw no ball. Close to the green I jumped out and ran towards the green looking both short and long of the pin for the ball - still no luck. Upon reaching the green, I went directly to the hole and of surprise and amazement, I saw a ball in the hole. I looked back to Phil and Gerry who were still over 100 yards from the green and pointed three times down to the hole. They were elated as so was I. Gerry captured this moment with a picture of Phil showing two fingers with his captured hole in the background. This is the first time I have ever seen a double eagle for real after playing golf for over 40 years. Again Phil, great shot - great golf hole !!

Hole in Ones are a dime a dozen. Double Eagles are a rare bird that you may never see. Way to go Phil Burling! May we all be so fortunate.

Jim McLellan
The Anti-Pro

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

McLellan's "AbNabber"

If a tree is to withstand powerful winds it must have a strong trunk. This allows the branches to move in the wind and yet the tree stands firm and rooted. In order for the golfer to "withstand" a high speed golf swing , he too, must have a strong trunk (strong abdominal muscles . . .Abs!)Weak abs will destroy a golf swing just as a weak link in a chain.

I invented "AbNabber" to directly target the golfers abdominal muscles! Sit-ups and crunches are largely ineffective for strengthening abdominal muscles. The abs are responsible for only the first 30 degree of lift in a sit up. The hip flexors, NOT the abs, are responsible thereafter. Standard ab exercises can aggravate the spine and lower back. Sit-ups and crunches cause the abdominal area to protrude during their performance. "AbNabber" causes these muscles to tighten and draw inward, where they should be.

Push the palm of your right hand down on the desk top while you touch your abs with the finger tips of your left hand. The harder you push down with your right hand, the more your abs contract. Your abs contract so that you CAN push down. Your abs contract so that you CAN swing a golf club.
With "AbNabber," abs immediately contract and within a few seconds begin to shake indicating that you have "hit the target". An "AbNabber" workout is 4 times more effective than other ab routines. Those who have tried "AbNabber" all have the same response. "WOW, It works. I want one!

"AbNabber" weighs less than 2 pounds and is totally portable. The best place to use "AbNabber" is sitting right there at your desk! No need to go to the gym or get down on the floor to work abs. Simply reach for "AbNabber," compress the springs and immediately notice the effectiveness of this little machine.

"AbNabber" will improve strength and produce flatter and firmer ab muscles. As an added benefit, while using "AbNabber," the lats, triceps, chest, shoulders and forearms are also streghtened and firmed.

"AbNabber" is hand crafted (right here in Tennessee) and made of the finest select walnut or cherry. . . & looks real good just sitting on your desk.

We are only making 30 "AbNabbers." I am offering them to my golf students before I decide if I will build more for the general market place.

$65--- free shipping. Foreign ---$75 includes shipping.

"AbNabber" ships Priority mail and comes with complete instructions.

You can order "AbNabber," by following this link and clicking on Secure Order Form at the top of the page. If you have questions email me.

Jim McLellan

Monday, June 8, 2009

Better than Tiger Woods!

Millions of Earthlings are better, than Tiger Woods, at many things. Fred Astaire could play far better golf than Tiger Woods can dance. Fred Astaire was better at the combination of golf and dancing ....than Tiger Woods. Fred Astiare had a beautiful golf swing. His tempo was superb.....thanks to the music playing in his head. His swing is reminisent of Walter Hagen's.

Lets keep score. Tiger gets a 10 on his swing, Fred gets an 8...Yes, I would put his swing in the top 80% of ALL golfers. Tiger's ahead by 2 points. Fred gets a 10 on dancing. Well, what should we give Tiger? Lets be nice and give him a 3 although it might more accurately be a O. Final score Fred 18, Tiger 13.

"What's the point?" You ask the all knowing, all seeing Swamie of Golfland...AKA Anti-Pro? The point is there are a zillion things you can do better than both of them.

Be proud of yourself, pat yourself on the back, get out there & kick some butt. Do the great things you are totally capable of doing. Don't forget to do what you and your fellow super heros do . . .

Take naps!

Jim McLellan
aka/The AntiPro

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Golfers Education

The golfer's education, OR, what he thinks he knows about the golf swing, gets in the way of his knowing anything about the golf swing. Huh?

By far, the biggest problem golfers have is that they know way too much about what is NOT important in the golf swing. Their EDUCATION is in the way. The engineer, who's background is to analyze EVERYTHING, has the most problems with golf, closely followed by anyone in the "detail business". . . perhaps your friendly attorney.. "The best golf swing comes from the dull unimaginative mind."

To continue . . . MOST (most means over 50%-could mean 95%) golfers think that they need more information added to their cluttered minds in order to improve. That's as ridiculous as buying more stuff__ that you never use___ that has to be stored in the garage___ that is so full___ that one has to park the car in the driveway. If my English teacher doesn't like
that long sentence...tough!

Think about this. The golf swing only takes two seconds . . . how much can you think about in two seconds?

Hey, hold the phone, what's that sound? That sound, good buddy, is the Golf Industry's Locomotive roaring down the tracks at 90 miles per with box cars full of more information for sale. In order for them to run a "money grabbin" railroad, they must convince you that you need to buy more stuff cleverly disguised as vital information... Which, in reality, is misinformation to further screw you up so you'll be dependant on them for more information creating the need to buy even more information to fix the problem that got you in this mess in the first place, Whew !

Government involvement?___ sound familiar?

Best advice is to start at square one. Go out in the backyard and have a nice full back swing with the head staying in the same place. Then swing to a nice full finish. Swing pretty, swing smooth. Done. Now do this without thinking about anything but a waltz playing in your head.

You now have plenty of room to park your car in the garage and the sense of freedom is more fun than pony rides, cotton candy and sunshine.

Jim McLellan

aka/The AntiPro/The Maverick
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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tomatoes & Golf Instruction

Your grocery store fully understands that, if you like tomatoes, you will return to the produce dept. for more of the rosy red fruit (it's not a vegetable) for the rest of your life.

The Golf Destruction business relies on golfers to return time after time, __after time for more tomatoes better known as tips (?). They plan it that way! If the golf instruction business was really doing its job, the student would become totally independent of them. A VALID instructor's program would give the student the skills to NEVER need another golf lesson!

The student lucky enough to find a REAL golf instructor (One in 10,000) would___very soon___ become his very own instructor__ not only for himself, but others as well!

Just think about it!

Jim McLellan
aka/The Anti-Pro/The Maverick

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Wednesday, April 1, 2009


The power of persistence

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Monday, March 16, 2009

The Laws of the Golf Swing

When a golfer wishes to give special recognition to golf instruction, he predicts that it will still be valid "a hundred years from now." The Laws of The Golf Swing are as old as the game itself and because it's truths are eternal they will still be in use when another century has passed.

Jim McLellan/The Anti-Pro
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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fads !

The '59 Cadillac represented the most outrageous fins display short of World War II's P-38 Lightening fighter aircraft. Fins slowly diminished with every passing year and were soon found only at a classic car show.

Long hair today short hair tomorrow, no hair next week. Long dresses and side burns and short dresses and no burns. Mustaches and goatees and Mr. Clean. Roy & Gene & Tarzan and Superman and The Terminator and Spidie. No meat diets and plenty of meat diets and fasting and honey enemas. Most fads are harmless but some have serious side effects.

No where are fads more a part of the landscape than in our game. Unfortunately they have very real side effects. Fads come and go because starry-eyed golfers sniff the opportunity to unlock the secret to fine golf with the next tip (read FAD). Once again they make fools out of themselves, falling for just one more marketing scheme. These fads have a short shelf life and are dropped like a hot horse shoe once they are exposed as worse than worthless. They are successful and make big money for the marketing bandits, however.

The fins on the '59 Caddy are amusing but harmless and can evoke smiles from those who remember the good old days or wish they did. Breaking bad golfing habits, traded for hard earned dough, is not amusing. BUT . . . as long as there are fads and carnivals and Ponzi schemes there will be customers.

Jim McLellan/Anti-Pro

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Golfer's Play Ground

Where's your favorite personal play ground for improving your golf? Perhaps your local golf course or maybe a lush-plush golf resort? Maybe you really enjoy a quiet practice session at the local range. Where then is the ideal "place" to hone your golfing skills?

Where does the golf swing live? Does your swing really consist of the muscle memory? If you lost your head somewhere, your muscles would have no memory of your golf swing. Muscle memeory doesn't exist. Your golf swing can be found in your very complex and awesome PC gleaming in the glow of pride and confidence perched high atop your neck!

The golfers brain is as sensitive & delicate as hauling nitroglycerin over a bumpy road in an old truck with no shocks. Yet, reckless golfers would take that truck, pop the clutch, peel out, speed shift, brake the speed limit and endanger lives, besides their own, every day. More information only adds to the Kay-Ah-Tic state in that mass of moist wadded up bubble gum (brain) driving it into a murky, vertigo state of increased confusion, frustration, futility, anxiety and hopelessness. Enough adjectives?

The finest, most efficient "place" to practice lies right between your ears. And the best way to transfer what it needs is through "hard wiring" practice mentally. The brain can NOT
differentiate between actually swinging the club and thinking about it!!!
Here's the FREE scoop on instantaneous M-Prove-Mint. Expose yourself (be careful), to watching a good golf swing and it will become part of your swing. Warning.... carelessly watching a lousy golf swing will become part of your swing, as well.

The ultimate time of day, to hard wire your swing with the riches of King Solomons Mine, Here comes THE SECRET__ is first thing in the morning while you are still half asleep and the very last thing at night just before falling asleep. And here's how to do it. Next paragraph.

Go to the end of Volume II where I'm swinging to music and watch my swing for 15 to 20 minutes in the AM & PM. Don't analyse it!!! Just let it travel through your eyes and directly attach itself to the motor skill part of your machinery. Can't sleep? . . . get up and watch the swing . . . you can turn off the music if there's someone selfishly trying to sleep. Sit there, blurry eyed, and just watch it over and over and over and over.

One of our star students in Kentucky copped an "all nighter" and emerged with a golf swing far superior to the one he had the day before. John Richardson (read his story on a previous post) of Northern Ireland watched my swing thousands of times on his way to becoming a world class golf instructor extraordinaire.

You will be astounded at the difference in your game in just a dash of time. And, ONE more thing__ burn all your golf books, magazines, and golf videos (except one) and take no more golf lessons, if you are deadly serious about getting better!

Jim McLellan/Dr. Frankenstein

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

I Shall Return

Doug, more appropriately referred to as, 5 Star General Douglas MacArthur, is famous for the expression that titles this article.

Those three words also apply to another famous warrior, the outspoken, controversial, colorful, maverick, common sense sage of the golfing venue . . . The ALL Mighty (granted, modest and humble) Anti-Pro. As promised here I come__ Riding a rocket, hat on fire, through your monitor and smack dab, right into the middle of your golf game.

Hi there! How ya been? Come in, kick your shoes off. Care for a cup of coffee or how about some hot chocolate with marshmallows? Sit over there by the fire and lets catch up.

What's new, since our last visit? Have you been watching the McLellan Golf DVDs as you promised? No cheating and looking at other stuff? Hopefully you've kept the rust off your swing with a few minutes of big full gorgeous swings in your back yard.

As for me, I have had a great time these last few months working with and answering emails from my star students world wide . . . Australia, Ireland, Scotland, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Texas, California, Arizona, Florida and many, many more remote locations foreign and domestic. To you, and you know who you are, you've made great progress and it has been my pleasure to help.

I have a new passion, the mandolin! I am learning a lot about helping you with your golf game as I learn to play the mandolin. The same principles apply to both. . . that is--- Have a model, know what you want, practice, practice, practice. Your marvelous brain and body will give you the answers you seek.

This winter, in between answering email from students, playing the mandolin has given me something to show for my time! The very same routine I employed on the mandolin...can make a HUGE difference in your golf game.

In the coming months I will continue to write about what works and what doesn't concerning your golf game. I will share many new ideas, that are simple yet effective, they will have a profound effect on your game.

A personal phone visit opportunity will be made available . . . details as our season kicks in. A new DVD with some visual programming is in the hopper.

Next blog, I will cover the very best place in the world to practice your golf game. Hint hint. . . It's free. See you next time.

Jim McLellan

aka The AntiPro/The Maverick

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year

Photography and card design by the talented Melanie McLellan of Mclellan Studio, the internationally recognized and award winning, husband and wife, wedding photography team.