Sunday, March 30, 2008

McLellan's Organic Golf

McLellan's Organic Golf... is produced according to our high production standards. This means that our information produces the best results in all of Golfdom because it is created without the use of conventional pesticides (The PGA), artificial fertilizers (Golf Instructors), human waste (The Golf Channel), ionizing radiation (Golf Magazine tips), food additives (Your golfing buddies unasked for advice).

This means that it comes to you without the routine use of antibiotics (Golf Books), the use of growth hormones (Useless Golf gadgets)...and it is NOT genetically modified. No ingredient (see above) is used to keep the golfer coming back for more and more absurd/insane information.

Directly from the McLellan's Organic Golf "Garden" to your dining room table. It's what's for Dinner...It's what's good for you. Yummy___Enjoy!

Jim McLellan
The AntiPro/The Maverick
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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Golf Swing Relaxation Techniques

Being nervous and unable to relax is linked to the Electrical activity emanating from the brain.

When the brain is aroused and actively engaged in mental activities, it generates BETA waves. Beta waves are characteristics of a strongly engaged mind. A person making a speech or the nervous, high handicapped golfer is in the Beta brain wave state. "First Tee Jitters?"...Your brain is in the Beta brain wave state.

The next brainwave category is ALPHA. A person who takes time out to reflect or meditate is usually in an alpha state. Alpha will help avoid the "Heebie-Jeebies," and enable the golfer to relax and perform some fine golf shots.

When the person begins to daydream he is often in a THETA brainwave state. A person who is driving on a freeway, and discovers that they can't recall the last five miles, is often in a theta state. This is the ideal state to be in for those spectacular golf shots that keeps you coming back for more.

Before you arrive at the first tee begin to change your brain wave states from Beta, to somewhere in between Alpha and Theta.____ Turn off the BETA-Turn off the Noise! Find a quite place, behind a tree someplace.... Take some deep breaths, be aware of slowing down your heart rate, and hum a nice slow waltz tune in your head. A Strauss waltz or "Take Me Out to the Ball Game," work great. Take several practice swings using the waltz tune as you swing, diverting the mind from any chance of being "uptight." You are "Zoned" and that's where all great shots are born.

You are naturally in these brain wave states several times durng the day. Try to activate them when you want to play your best golf. The sensation you will have is that you are "NOT THERE"___ "something else" is swinging your golf club, for YOU. Very important! But you've become acustomed to expect it, haven't you?

Jim McLellan

The AntiPro/The Maverick

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Who's Da Boss?

Who's in charge of your golf swing?___ your golf pro, the PGA, golf magazine tips, your playing buds, YOU? None of the above including YOU? The answer is, "Your golf swing is Da Boss." NOT even YOU, Good Buddy___ is "DA

BOSS". Your golf swing owns itself...Just like "The Family Jewels" ..You might think they're yours but your wife is DA BOSS!

How many golf swings have you seen? Can you tell the difference between an expert's swing and a "snake killer" at the local driving range?
If you can see the difference____ why would you want to swing like the "Snake Killers"? It's so simple that those who are still struggling won't believe it. Stop doing it the old way! Please raise your right hand, put your left hand on the bible and say. . . "I believe it's simple!"
Tell your brain you want a swing like the guys on TV. Watch the swing, copy the swing. You saw someone walk and you walked. Video tape yourself until you look like "them." I can read your mind from here___You're thinking it is impossible to copy "Their" swings! You don't walk exactly like Dad and hopefully not exactly like Mom if you're a Dude...but you are NOT walking
on all fours either.

In copying a golf swing, it is NOT an exact COPY...but strive to capture the BIG PICTURE... The grace, the full swing (not short choppy snake killer swing), the rhythm, the speed & style of what a superb golf swing is! The "GIST"...of the swing!

Memorize the following triple platinum plated words...they're worth more than the Hope Diamond! "You don't tell the Golf Swing what to do, The Golf Swing tells you what to do"! Listen to it!

Get out of the way of the swing that has been trying to unfold, emerge, come forth, happen all on its own, since you were a golfing tadpole. You will be furious it was sooooooo easy all along.

Jim McLellan
The AntiPro aka/The Maverick
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Golf's Power Muscles

How OLD's this arm? 48__68__58__28__38?

The Power connection in the golf swing is Hands to Club. The hands and forearms supply the majority of the strength necessary for distance and accuracy.

Ben Hogan weighed less than 150#s, yet he had the hands and forearms of a 220# blacksmith. Ted Williams said, "Shaking hands with Hogan is like shaking hands with 5 bands of steel." Sam Snead had massive forearms and the hand strength of a Gladiator. Gary Player ...little guy.. spends a LOT of time working on grip strength. Have you seen Tiger's forearms lately?

You don't need to be a member at some High Falootin' Health Spa to develop superhuman gripping power. In my up coming book "If You Can Count to Three," I will share with you how I developed the forearms you see in this picture!

The chartreuse colored grippers at the Estee Lauder counter are for Pansy's.
If Popeye's your hero, make a BIG difference in your own forearms and gripping power (& Your Golf)____go to and order the 100# and 150# grippers.. You won't need to ask your wife to open the pickle jar, anymore!

Jim McLellan
The AntiPro aka/The Maverick

Can You Paint?

Can you paint? Can you draw? If your answer is No, "How do you know you can't...Have you ever tried?" We have never heard of some of the greatest artists who ever lived because___they never tried!

Several years ago I decided I would try to do something I had always wanted to do...Paint! and I'm not referring to painting the bathroom Pepto-Dismal Pink, either. I called an art supply store and signed up for art classes. After a few sessions with a delightful lady, Kit Barsick..I could paint. I had the"talent" all this time.

You, also have the talent and it is something you will enjoy immensely. I painted the picture you are looking at. It is my wife's parents home in Gunnison, Colorado. Most of being an artist is what you see. The pencil and brush have no brains.

The golf club has no brains. "Talent" comes from seeing what has to be done & "Doing It"! The brain tells the hands what to do. What exactly does the golf swing look like? OK, you swing back to there and then over to there. Simple...Hand me the club, I can do that!

Jim McLellan

The AntiPro aka/The Mavrick

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rust Free Golf Swing

Keeping your golf swing "Oiled" and rust free is easy once this simple "routine" becomes routine.

Have a club by the back door and one in the trunk of your car. Any old ratty club will do. Anytime you can steal as little as 30 seconds, oil your swing by having a nice full backswing and follow-through. Key word FULL...Swing back further than usual and through to a very FULL finish...stretching the swing more and more with each oiling session. Remember to...Swing past horizontal (level) on the backswing & to a super full, stretchy finish!

There are many opportunities to steal a moment in time, Before you go to work, coffee breaks, commercials on TV, any spare minute, and there are plenty of them. 30 seconds will do wonders, 5 minutes is perfect!

Inside your skull, the golf groove in your cerebellum is being soaked & bathed in precious, priceless, natural human bean oil....Never having a chance to get rusty.
We keep our dance steps (Yes, we dance) "rust free" in only 30 seconds a day and it is enough to strut our stuff come Saturday night!
No need to spend a small fortune on gas to drive over to the practice range and back. Your own backyard is the perfect place for a "tune up"! Your swing will be as smoooooooothe as "Oil on Wet Glass".

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Perfect Timing For Your Golf Swing

Waltz time was invented to "time" the perfect golf swing! Waltz Time, ----"times" your golf swing like an Offenhauser running at Indy.

A great old time favorite waltz tune, that every red blooded American knows, is "TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME!" The meter for the song should be nice and slow like you would expect on a hot July afternoon at Yankee Stadium. See link at the bottom of this post, courtesy Elaine McLellan.

Here's the magic in how it works: Following the lyrics, do this:

Take me....for the back swing.
Out...for the forward swing.
To the ball game...some time at the finish and getting ready for your next swing.

Then again:
Take me....for the back swing.
Out...for the forward swing.
To the crowd...some time at the finish and getting ready for your next swing.

Buy me some....back swing
Peanuts.... forward swing....etc...

If you can pipe the music into your backyard...good for you and the neighbors. If not, a mini recorder, Ipod, or whatever should work fine. OR, you can just hear the song in your head and swing with PERFECT RHYTHM. Your swing will purr like a Persian Kitty.
Click here for Take Me Out to The Ball Game

Jim McLellan "The Maverick Golf Pro"
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As per usual, my wife's voice was soft, melodic, pleasant, articulate, and RESPECTFUL! There was an unmistakable quality of attentiveness in a conversation she was having with someone in an adjoining room. I hadn't heard anyone come into to our home, so who was she speaking "with"?__NOT to! From the tone of her voice, it was someone, somewhere in her age group. Curiosity drove me to go find out.
she was sitting on the floor and discussing something with our 2 year old Grandson, Sean. There was no indication that she was talking "down" to a child.

I had been raised to believe that children should be seen and not heard. That the parent was the parent and the child was the child and that, "they" were not created equal. At school the teacher was at the front of the class addressing his "dumb" students. You could hear it in their voices. The employer talks down to the employee, although perhaps subtly___ it is there. The golf instructor talks down to the student. It is not a level playing field.

People ask what makes my golf instruction different. There are many factors but right at the top of the list is Respect. I Respect your ability, your mind, your desire to become a better golfer, the machinery that God gave you, and that you WILL become a very fine golfer. I KNOW you can do it! I Respect the fact that you can do countless things better than me. I know that you could teach me a LOT. I'm grateful that you think enough of my expertise to trade your money for my help. We are on a level playing field. We are friends sharing information of the greatest game on earth. I know 100% that you can become a very good golfer. You have 100% of my RESPECT...THAT is one of the reasons why I'm very different than the rest.

Jim McLellan, "The Maverick Golf Pro"

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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hey Skinny

It was an embarrassing and humiliating event, but one that would radically change my life forever.
I was sitting with a group of jocks that had won letters in their individual sports. I was one of two who that lettered as a 10th grader. As I looked around the room, I was the skinniest kid in the group. My ribs were showing, they called me toothpick, the 97 pound weakling, a bag of bones. I wasn't focused on the fact that I was receiving an award for being a golf star. Rather, I was sitting with my arms folded in front of me hoping that no one would notice how damn skinny I was!
The picture at the top right of the blog gives some indication as to my skinniness!
Right then and there I decided that I wanted to trade my frail body in for muscles. My goal was to transform my body to the point where no one would recognize me at the next class reunion.
Graduating from High school, I tipped the scales at 123# at 5 feet 11 inches. My arms measured 10 1/4 inches and was told by the "experts" that because of my small bones I would never have bigger than a 14" arm. I refused to believe them and went to work. I joined a gym and began a serious regime of weight training. Some days I drank 6 quarts of milk. See next post.


Age 24, 17" arms, 45 inch chest, 30 inch waist. Bench press 360 pounds.

Incidentally, few recognized me at the class reunion. Real proof that you can make a big difference in any goal you set for yourself if you want it badly enough!
Jim "Atlas" McLellan

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Banjo Player

This photo, from the 1920's, is of Perry Bechtel, "The Greatest Banjoist of Them All." He is my banjo idol and who's style I have emulated.

An article that compares banjo players to golfers? Why not apples to Catfish whiskers? The two posts for today will be just that. The Banjo Player, & Golf Student or GolfER?! Why would I do this? Because I'm an expert in both and there are profound similarities.

Being a household name gives me some legendary status as a premier golf instructor. "Sure I've heard of him" they say... "Yes, Jim McLellan, the funny golf pro with the outlandish Hawaiian shirts, very effective and entertaining, the finest golf instructor of all time. Heck Yes, I heard of him"...they proclaim.

But what about Jim McLellan, the banjo player? In banjo circles they know me as one of the top 10 plectrum banjo players in the country. Now, you too, have The Scoop!.
This I know about banjo players. ...just as in golf___ there are two "types." I have attended several "Banjo Bashes" where banjo players meet and play together. In one room are banjoists who "talk"___ about a certain kind of pick, strings, banjos, how to sit, what they think about a certain banjo style, etc. Funny thing...they can't play worth sour owl excrement.
In another room are banjoists who "briefly" studied a particular style, decided long ago that they "got it"...and their focus was on "playing"---- not analysis. They are fabulous players!

Those that never get around to playing must lack confidence in their own ability and hide behind the "studying" of the banjo rather than the playing of the banjo. I have never seen one who studies AND one who plays well! See article on Golf Student or GolfER?

Jim McLellan

The "AntiPro" & Banjo Player Extraordinaire
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Golf Student or GolfER?

My formative years, from age 8 to 22, were spent in Englewood, Colorado, at our family owned golf course and driving range observing golfers with a wide range of ability & skill.

I will cover the very interesting details in my up coming book, "If You Can Count To Three." But, for now, here is a thumb nail sketch.

There are two types of golfers. Those that spend their entire "golfing life" never focused on Playing Golf but on the "study" of golf. They have a library full of golf books and videos, and magazines. They have taken enough golf lessons to pay off the mortgage. They are interested in every minute detail sold to them by the golf industry. They are a pathetic lot who can't break an egg with their swing. The emails I get from this group are, thank God, rare. But these poor souls are lost in a sea of nonsense. Most every detail they are studying, at best, is unimportant, but nearly always impossible for the human being to actually do.

Then there is the group who refuses to cave in to all this commercial garbage doled out by the con-artists, who finds a style they like, studies it, very briefly....Key words, very briefly, and then practices and moves the information to the auto-pilot part of the brain. Instead of taking a golf lesson they video tape themselves and become their very best own golf instructor. They have the "Those who study-Group One" awestruck by their "golf given talent." These are my star students. But, ya know what? We humans are wired one way or the other. And just like politics or religion...once someone believes a certain way, even holding a cocked gun to their temple won't change a thing about the way they think.

Jim McLellan
The AntiPro AKA "Two Gun Harry from Tucumcari"

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Friday, March 21, 2008


Jim McLellan is Golf's Maverick: a lone dissenter, an intellectual, an artist, who takes an independent stand apart from his or her associates. One who refuses to abide by the dictates of or resists adherence to a group (The PGA) a dissenter. Someone who exhibits great independence in thought and action, someone who produces positive results in his students!

Jim McLellan, "The Maverick Golf Pro"

Holy Grail

As you swing, the brain is working to find a way to swing for you. As long as you are "involved" you are fighting the brains job. Once you have given the brain specific instruction...Surrender to the power of the brain and simply remove yourself from the swing. "Let it happen - WITHOUT YOU." It takes a different mind set for this to take place but it is what all great golfers do. Your goal is to feel like someone or something else is swinging and that you "AREN'T THERE". The magnificent swing potential that God gave you at conception will immerge ....with LOTS of practice and NO thinking!

Jim McLellan, "The Maverick Golf Pro"

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Golf Swing Myth

The golf swing does NOT start at the ball. The wind-up starts at the ball. All the energy that goes into the "backswing" is completely wasted. The swing stops momentarily before it returns to the ball. Anytime there is a back and forth direction change, there is a complete stop.The back swing is the "cocking of the gun"...Not the firing of the gun!Looking for more distance and control? Think of the Swing as 2 separate parts. ONE...The effortless wind-up. & TWO the forward swing to a beautiful finish...NOT to the ball. The ball simply "gets in the way" of the golf swing. You do NOT 1) swing, 2) HIT, and 3) swing. You swing~ You want to be a Swinger not a Hitter. Hitters are Sluggers.

Jim McLellan
The AntiPro

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SWINGING HARD... implies using the brute force of muscles___the strength of the elephant or rhinoceros. Force used to drive a nail, A HIT! The HARD swing does NOT generate the significant miles per hour needed to hit the ball very far!

INSTEAD___SWING FAST!___SWINGING FAST... implies the SMOOTH POWER of the ultra swift ACINONYX JUBATUS - THE CHEETAH, developing tremendous speed, envied distance and at the same time appears graceful & effortless.

Jim McLellan

The Anti-Pro

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Make Sense?

Teaching a 3 year old how to have a gorgeous golf swing is easy.
Does it make any sense to make it more difficult and complex for golfers older than 3?

Jim McLellan
The AntiPro

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The Door Hinge

Why does the door open and shut...perfectly every time??? Because___The doors hinge is screwed to the stationary door jam.

Why do professional golfers hit the ball cleanly and consistently every time? Because a part of their swing is stationary...just like the door jam above.

Today, there is some idiotic controversy over whether or not it is important for the golfers head to remain still. Those who don't think it is important haven't studied the correlation between a still head and superb shot making__consistently.
Watch the pros on the tube. "Sight" their head on an object in the background and watch how still their heads are. Visit a driving range and watch how the more the golfers heads move, the worse they do.

I have studied the importance of keeping the head still since man first walked upright.
Sam Snead has won more golf tournaments than any golfer ever....His trademark straw hat....never moves! Watch other pros. Other things in the swing may vary, But the head is still!

High handicap golfers have a problem topping the ball. Watch their swings. As they start their back swings they lift their head, which lifts the club, which causes them to top...or miss...the ball.
It is quite elementary Watson. The head come up... you top it. The head goes hit the ground. The head moves away from the ball, you toe it. The head moves towards the ball you shank it!

There is NO need to have a short back swing for fear that you will move your head. You can have a big beautiful golf swing__AND__ a still head.

How important is it to keep the head still on ALL shots, including putting? It is THE KEY to
Your Finest Golf!
Remember the door hinge__and relate it to your swing. Big swing with a still head produces superb golf shots, every time!

Jim McLellan
The "AntiPro"!

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

How the Golf Swing Really Works

How habits are formed in the brain is fascinating. Understanding how the brain works can open new doors for the golfer in search of his best golf swing.

Most golfers (95%) never experience the pleasure of finding their very own best golf. However, a small minority, 5% or so do! Success or failure depends on what part of the brain the golfer is using.

We can watch a concert pianist's hands on the keyboard or be captivated by the superhuman moves of an Olympic ice skater. We are witness to what's going on in the brain. Muscles DON'T have memory! MOVEMENT comes from the brain!

When the golfer repeats his swing__OFTEN__ the action is controlled by an unconscious part of the brain called the BASAL GANGLIA.....allowing him to operate on auto-pilot...the good shots.
When we do something new the PREFRONTAL CORTEX, an area of the brain that involves decision making, is in control. Golfers who continue to bombard the prefrontal cortex with new information (usually ineffective) ___ never send the "right stuff" to the Basal Ganglia, where great swings live!

Practicing the golf swing over and over, becomes a habit that LITERALLY moves the control of the action from the Prefrontal Cortex to the Basal Ganglia. Understanding the key factors of how a golf swing really works and Quickly moving those key factors from the Prefrontal Cortex to the Basal Ganglia >>>>moves the golfer into "Auto-Pilot" and from the ordinary class golfer to the exceptional golfer.

Jim McLellan
The Anti-Pro
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Monday, March 17, 2008

Trash Day

Stuff: What we have to have, what we buy, what we may use, what we throw away.

All that brand new shiny stuff that we "Can't live without" is on the way to the dump. IT takes more than a sane amount of time, to go from store to landfill, but it__IS__ on the way in less than a billionth of a second after the cash register rings!

Have you noticed that trash, junk, impedimenta, objects we trip over____breeds at night? When the lights are out, your stuff is breeding, multiplying...making baby stuff that grows up and become big people stuff. Stuff comes from the exponential evolutionary process of reproducing, NOT from buying more than you need to survive! You're WAY too smart to do something that stupid.

What about the golf swing? Magazine tips, buddy tips, video tips, Golf Channel tips, Book tips, Daughters of the American Revolution tips! Golf tips have been breeding in golfers skulls since St. Andrew, causing an addiction to prescription drugs and booze. Time to throw out what some opportunist sold you! Sold is past tense, sell is present tense. Sell eventually becomes sold and sold means something owns.... YOU! Yes You, your shaving Buddy.

The Hugely HUGE problem, according to the anointed, knighted, and legendary soothsayer of the 21th Century...Throne wearer of GOLFDOM, IS.. Golfers have REAL TRASH breeding in their skulls! How much is Too much...In round figures?___Roughly 99.999 to the 10th power!

Time to chuck all the ridiculous nonsense in the golf swing. Pitch it in the Trash Can and wheel it out to the curb. It will become the trash mans problem. YOU, free at last, will play better golf and quite possibly marry the filthy rich fairy princess who loves rainy day matinees in her BIG feather bed. Did I mention she is ____ "stacked"?!

Jim McLellan, Juan & Own Lee, Le "Anti-Pro"

Saturday, March 15, 2008


Doncha.. Think that a citizen of the USA should know that China has a current account balance of PLUS + $363,300,000,000 & the USA has a current account balance of MINUS -$ 747,100,000,000?

Doncha.. Think "WE" should know that China is financing our war in Iraq?

Doncha.. Think that more folks should see the correlation between the trend of the USA and the fall of Rome?

Doncha.. Think that a certified PGA golf professional would know the first thing about teaching golf?

Doncha.. Think that seeing all the lard butts at Wal-Mart might be an indication of the shape our country's in?

Doncha.. Think we could come up with at least one presidential candidate who isn't a bottom feeder?

Doncha.. Think that before Joe gets that I Love Betty tattoo he should check out the rumor that Betty is "cozy" with the UPS man?

Doncha.. Think golfers should understand that if they can walk and drive a stick shift that they can certainly play better golf?

Doncha..Think that one should pack their own parachute?

Doncha.. Think that Roy and Dale should live forever?

Doncha..Think that a dog with fresh water doesn't need to drink out of the toilet?

Doncha.. Think that "WE" should THINK?

Jim McLellan

The... duh..."Anti-Pro"

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Back in Your Own Backyard

The very best place to find your perfect golf
swing is right in your own backyard....
in a familiar relaxed atmosphere.... away from the golf ball, golf pros & expensive/ ineffective lessons, prying eyes & performance anxiety!

These lyrics say it best:

The bird with feathers of blue Is waiting for you
Back in your own backyard
You'll see your castles in Spain Through your window pane
Back in your own backyard.
Oh you can go to the East, Go to the West, But someday you'll come,
Weary at heart, Back where you started from.
You'll find your happiness lies Right under your eyes
Back in your own backyard.
Spend 90% of your practice time swinging without a ball, grooving an awesome swing!
Words and Music by Al Jolson / Billy Rose / D. Dreyer Recorded by Ruth Etting on January 3, 1928

Jim McLellan "The Anti-Pro"

Monday, March 3, 2008

Grandma's Cake

Follow Grandma's prize recipe for her scrumptious cake and your mouth starts to water before the oven hits 350 degrees. Improvise and throw in just one ingredient from your cat's litter box and you have a problem.

Ditto for golf advice! What got in your golf (cake) swing?

Jim McLellan "The Anti-Pro"
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