Sunday, September 28, 2008

Golfer's Crap Shoot!

Take lessons from 10 different "PGA certified, pasteurized, & homogenized" golf pros and get 10 different views on how to swing a golf club. Wouldn't you think that at least 2 of them would agree on 1 THING?

Read 10 different golf books from supposed authorities and none of them agree on any THING. Wouldn't you think that at least 2 could agree on Some THING?

Read 10 different golf magazine tips from hot shot golf instructors with a new toup, over-bleached teeth, pink slacks & canary yellow shirts and discover how to ruin your game in 1 article.....10 different ways!

Watch 10 different DVDs and get 10 different views on how NOT to swing a golf club. Wouldn't you think that feedback from customers would have put them out of business by now?

Do you catch the "catch".? IF they knew HOW THE GOLF SWING REALLY WORKED ... doesn't it logically follow that they would agree on SOMETHING? But since they don't, the uninformed golfer continues to buy more and more of their endless supply of addictive junque! The CATCH is__ they DO know what the golfer will "fall for" and how to get their money. Being successful in the sales of golf information doesn't require good golf instruction, just good marketing.

No wonder golfers throw clubs, break clubs, sell clubs, get frustrated and confused and quit. They find little joy in our game instead of a LOT! Keeping the naive golfer/customer confused is how the golf instructor and other predators survive. In that group of "bedfellows" one might find starving sharks, con-artists, drug pushers, medicine men, carnival barkers, wall street shysters, political scoundrels and eventually your friendly neighborhood nut house.

Jim McLellan
The AntiPro/The Maverick

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What's More Important?

What's More Important!
The horse or the carriage? The passer or the receiver? The husband or the wife? The instructor or the student?

We ship orders to every state in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, Scotland, France, Germany,Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, Austria,
China, Japan, Iceland, Greenland, Brazil, Argentina, United Kingdom, Bahamas, Thailand, Belgium, South Africa, Singapore, Costa Rica, Poland, Denmark,Philippines, Norway, Finland, Italy,Malaysia . . . every country on our blue-green globe with the exception of the North and South Poles.

We sell more DVDs to foreign countries than the USA. We sell more DVDs to California, Texas, Florida, and New York than all the other states combined. We currently sell more DVDs to the United Kingdom than to the United States of America.

We send the same instruction to every county, every student. Our instruction is the standard. The student is the variable. The degree of success is totally dependant on the student's dedication and devotion to that instruction. The instruction alone will make little difference. The instruction and a dedicated student have had a huge impact on countless golfers, many of whom, we will never have the pleasure of meeting.

The various possibilities for golfers and instruction are these . . . Bad instruction-good student. Good instruction-bad student. Bad instruction-bad student. Good instruction-good student.

Most of today's golf instruction is flawed and may, unfortunately, end up in the hands of a good students willing to do their part, only to discover that their game is worse off. The only winners are the sellers of that instruction. There is also the scenario of the golfers who have within their reach some fine golf instruction, either ours or the rare gifted golf instructor, who are unwilling to do their part.

Personally, I have seen the complete spectrum. It doesn't matter where our instruction goes, the results are the same. A small percent really work at it and do extremely well. Most work at it some with noticeable improvement. &&& then there are those who think that just having our instruction sitting in a pile with their other golf instruction DVDs will somehow make a difference, as they rush to buy more instruction thinking that the secret is in the reading or viewing of the information alone.

The rare students who are fully dedicated to reaching their potential, with the proper work ethic, who follow my instruction (to the letter) make my life (and theirs) an absolute joy. Live everyday like it will be your last. Someday it will be!

Jim McLellan
The AntiPro/The Maverick
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Monday, September 15, 2008

My Personal Challenge

My personal challenge is NOT to climb Mount Everest!

At 29,028 feet (8,848 meters), Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world. Known as Sagarmatha, or Goddess of the Sky, in Nepal. Mount Everest has a mystical appeal that attracts thousands of hopeful climbers every year. Between 1922 and 2006, Everest has been climbed by almost 3000 people from twenty countries. More than 200 have lost their lives. I have no "mystical appeal" to add to that number.

There are thousands and thousands of doctors, engineers, lawyers, & Indian Chiefs. I have no desire to add to that number, either.
My mountain to climb, my patient to heal, my client to get off Scot free for murder, my skyscraper to build, my sharing the peace pipe with "braves"... My personal challenge is to convenience, the doctor, the lawyer, the engineer, the 10 little Indians that the golf swing is not technical and that too much study is directly proportionate to how badly the golfer goofs.

Now that might sound easy, depending on how you, the reader, is wired. but, But, BUT__ if you're wired "TECHNICAL", to get re-wired will it take a paradigm shift more difficult than climbing Mount Everest, naked, sprayed with water, wind chill factor of Minus that's Oh My Nus -46 degrees, dragging a 360# Olympic Barbell Set behind__ with a 1,000# chain. More difficult than catching a bullet in the dark with your teeth. More difficult than herding cats or nailing jello to the wall. The technical/analytical approach will make the golfer stumble over their own feet in an attempt to climb to the summit of Mount Golf, because they study too much and think too much and make it far more difficult than it really really is.

The more golfers study, the more lessons they take, the more books they read, the more videos they watch, the more hours wasted watching the golf channel, the more likely their frozen stiff bodies will be found at the bottom of a 5,000 foot crevice, come spring.

Jim McLellan
The AntiPro/The Maverick
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Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Feather Duster

As we traipse through the process of human B-ing, there is an almost unperceivable, invisible, hardly noticed process taking place during every mini-milli-nano second 24/7. That happenstance, routinely overlooked, has Nev--rr been mentioned in any golf material since the debut of ink. Yet, IT, is largely responsible for the massive deterioration of the vulnerable golf swing.

Presenting a test to Mr. & Mrs. Golfer, unless it was a multi-choice quiz, would certainly result in a 100% failure factor. Knowing how to eradicate this demon, this devil, this terminator from the golf swing headed for the ground in a vertigo tail spin, can transform an ordinary golf swing into one that is flight ready at any given dash of time.

The suspense must be resolved before the reader bursts at the seams. The answer must be forthcoming before steam blows the boiler to smithereens. The riddle solved before there is mass panic among the golfing public. Yet, so simple that one would be tempted to smack themselves in the ankle with a sand wedge for not knowing the answer. Ouch that smarts!

The difference lies in the realm of knowledge. Knowledge is power. Those that have this secret in their arrow quiver shoot a much different game than the target misser. The good news is, once the mystery is revealed, all golfers can immediately make a huge difference in their golf. For, without IT the golf swing gets worse little by little until there is nothing left but a can of ugly dust mites! And herein lies a clue to it's identity.

The golf swing is in a continuous state of decay because of a substance abundant on every square inch of dry land_____________________Dust! Dust is settling on the motor skill part of your brain this very second even as you read these words.

So what do we do about THE CULPRIT? Simple, as is everything that comes from the renowned and critically acclaimed McLellan School of Golf! Grab a golf club, step outside and swing for as little as 30 seconds. Swing to a nice smooth waltz (playing in your head), nice full back swing, nice full follow-through, swinging around a nice still head.
Where ever you are, where ever you go,...have a golf club handy. A McSwinger is the perfect tool. If you don't have one, use a golf club of your choice. Have a club in the truck of your car, at work, and anywhere you find yourself. Before you leave for work dust off your swing for 30 will have a huge impact on the quality of your golf swing!

There are 2,880-- 30 second periods in a day! Can you spare one? If you can, it will make a tree men dust (punny) difference in your golf swing. Now, if you wait 24 hours you will find a small amount of dust has settled on your swing. Hey, why not keep it dust free by adding 2 or 3 feather dusting periods randomly spaced throughout the day?

During commercials on TV, hop on your feather duster and ride outside for 30 seconds of feather dusting bliss. Inclimate weather? Got high ceilings, no chandeliers? Scoot the kids and pets out of the way and swing for 30 glorious seconds. Watch out for divots in the rug. Before you hit the hay and hug your teddy bear latch on to a feather duster one last time. During slumbersville your motor skills will be grooving some silky smooth new pathways for the swing you are dreaming about!

Know a brain surgeon willing to cut open your skull? You will discover new wiring circuitry in the cerebellum floating in precious oils. There will a positive difference that will manifest itself into the physical reality of that one in a million golf swing, the one that golfers stop to watch (and drool over) at the local driving range. And this trick doesn't cost one red cent. Thanks to your Good Buddy, Mr. Nice Guy.

Jim McLellan

The AntiPro/The Maverick

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Eliminate Stress

Monday, September 8, 2008

David and Goliath

Some time ago, I sent one of my golf instruction articles to a golf magazine (of all things). This delightful lady called to say how much her staff enjoyed my alternative approach to golf instruction. She was HOT to publish the article and wanted my final approval. Further she stated how the article made complete sense and was entertaining and humorous to boot. To finalize the fine print she asked how long I had been a PGA professional. I told her that I had initially been a PGA pro but had dropped my membership for various reasons. The conversation suddenly became rather chilly as ice crystals formed on my telephone receiver. Said she, "Oh, we don't publish articles in our magazine unless you are affiliated with the PGA."

Another time ago, I sent a 30 second, paid for, advertisement to the Golf Channel. In the clip I mentioned that the golf swing was quite simple, only took two seconds and was too fast to think. I also mentioned that golf instructors made the golf swing too difficult. The spokesman at the GC informed me, in no uncertain terms, "We won't be running your clip Mr. McLellan, for the simple reason that it might offend some of our PGA instructors."

Some of you may know the story of Preston Tucker who built a wonderful automobile of the same name in the late forties & was "squeezed" out of the car business by the big three. More on this maverick in another post.

. . . and then there is my good friend John Richardson of Northern Ireland who in one short year went from shooting 103 to scratch, (that's par). Although his spectacular accomplishment surpasses today's household name golf professionals, John is finding that there are many aloof "real golf instructors" who dismiss John as not having the qualifications to teach. They were unable to do what John did and they are telling him he needs to become certified before he gets "Real". Give me a break!

The "good old boys" network whether in Washington DC, your local court house, city or state politics, large manufactures, or the all mighty PGA, abhors mavericks for THEY are a REAL
threat to their shakey Status Quo. Great ideas always come from outside the box.

Wind up the sling shot, David. . . "The bigger they are they harder they fall."

Jim Mclellan
The antiPro/The Maverick

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Friday, September 5, 2008

Head Turner

A full back swing with a still head is the hallmark, the corner stone, the under pinning for a great, rare and sought after, super duper golf swing.

In order to keep the head from being pushed up by the left shoulder at the top of the back swing__, here's a tip worth it's weight in platinum.

At the address, turn the chin a few degrees to the right. You will be looking at the BACK of the ball with, predominately, your left eye. NOW, when you swing to that nice slow and full back swing you will have room for your shoulder to tuck_ very nicely_ under you head.

This wonderful tip will encourage you to swing back farther promoting more time to gradually increase your club head speed by the time you reach the launch pad (impact).
Win: A free McLellan Golf DVD ($54.90 value). ...for the first responder with the correct answers!
1). Name of lady in the picture,
2). Name of moive that made her famous,
3). Name of leading man.

Jim McLellan

The Anti-Pro/Maverick

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Golf Exam . . . Pass or Flunk?

Ready for a golf quiz, a test, an exam(ination) with only 3 questions? How do YOU measure up with others who share your passion for OUR game? Now, for the good news... Get them all correct & you get an A+, on the dean's list, valedictorian of your class, and a new "hello officer" shiny red corvette from your proud parents.

Just 3? What's the catch? Not only is there NO catch but I have already given you the correct answers! How can it be easier than this? Well, it is...I'm going to allow you to grade your very own test paper!

All 3 correct answers dish out 100% and you pass with flying colors. Miss 1 and you get 66.666% and you flunk, fail, F! Miss 2 and your score is
33.333 % seriously failing with serious consequences. Miss 3 and your score is Zero, the same score as some of our politicians.
No need to be nervous. You have had weeks, months, and perhaps years to prepare for the big day. If you are NOT totally ready, you are welcome to go back and study the information for as long as you like. You may also bring the answers with you to class, just in case you get rattled and forget.

What can go wrong at this point? How many golfers can pass this test, some wonder. Later in this piece I will share with you how you compare with other "students" in your class.

Question 1: Is your back swing at least parallel, is your left arm reasonably straight, do you have a nice relaxed hip and shoulder turn as they follow the hands to the top of the back swing,
is your swing higher than your head, is your back swing nice and slow___lazy with little effort?

Question 2: Has your head remained still to the top of the back swing?

Question 3: If your finish full and complete, club beyond parallel, hands high, are you looking over your right elbow, is your right foot straight up and down (on your toes), with only enough weight on it to support your balance?

To score yourself simply video tape your swing. You may be surprised that what you THOUGHT you were doing and what you are actually doing can be shocking.

So, how did you do? Fewer than 1% of all golfers get all 3 right & score an A.
Almost no one gets 2 correct and the vast majority 95%+++ get not 1 of the 3 correct. That's a ZERO.

Very simple...get 3 right and break 80, take your playing partners money, spend no more money on golf lessons, break no more clubs, you are nice to your wife and kids when you return home & you live happily forever after. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Jim McLellan
The Anti-Pro/Maverick

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