Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Primum non Nocere

Attention Golf Instructors!

Primum non nocere is a Latin phrase that means... "First, do no harm." It is one of the principal precepts all medical students are taught. It reminds a physician/golf teacher.... that he or she must consider the possible harm that any intervention might do.

It is most often mentioned when debating use of an intervention with an obvious chance of harm but a less certain chance of benefit. The phrase has been a hallowed expression for physicians of hope, intention, humility, and recognition that human acts with good intentions may have unwanted consequences!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Ernest Jones - 1887-1965

Countless golfers have let it be known that in the roaring 20's there lurked a golf instructor with a philosophy that bears a striking similarity to our very own. Could it be?...Another genius some 75 +++ years past? Perhaps a Cuz from the old country where the dress for men is a plaid skirt.....Undies? No one knows fer shur.

I never read golf books. The only thing I give into is tempation, thus I will admit to eyeballing some of the previews while I wait for my copy of his book.

So far I do see some common Tartan threads, but I also see where he could have strayed out into the heather a wee bit. Jones' teachings revolved around the thesis that by swinging the clubhead rather than worrying about what all the body parts were supposed to do would provide the straightest and fastest path to a golfer reaching his or her potential. Echos of King James McLellan.

"The most amazing thing about the game," said Jones, "is the fact that the poorest players are the ones who try to do the most. I am not speaking of the rank beginner, but rather of the golfer who has been struggling along for years trying remedies suggested by every person with whom he plays... I believe, rather, in simplifying the game by giving the pupil one definite and positive axiom to keep in mind every time he plays a golf shot. That is, 'swing the clubhead.' "The less you know about what your muscles are doing, the more pleasure you are going to get out of the game." (Bravo rings from our chorus) Jones said that the hands control the swing, with the large muscles of the body -- upper arms, shoulders, and legs -- performing as "admirable followers." "Who Ray"! Not a question, rather an excited hoot.

And that came from the days of the flappers, boot-leg gin, speak-easys, and the mob. I like the guy...and so far we agree. Get the hickory shafts and bagpipes out of the closet Mate, and we'll have a go at it! Och aye!

The Anti-Pro

Jim McLellan

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

New Golf Mag

Funny thing happened on the way by the trash can. A golf magazine, that just came in the mail, was perched on top awaiting its demise. My wife, the smart one, instinctively knew I wouldn't be the least bit interested, so she "pitched it." On a hunch, I decided to bend over...ouch...& snatch it from a life at the land fill...so I could share it with my loyal legion of readers....both of them.

Just this once I'm going to call it a magazine...from here on it's a mag. The mag is 200 plus (gag) pages in length. Here's the breakdown..not counting the table of contents (yeah right) and the brainless editorial. There are more ads than pages. Not giddy with full page and face to face ads they "add dud" a fold out for those who never receive a pop-out birthday card.

I scanned the insane golf tips for you. They will send your game to the can faster than you can say, "Gang way... I think I've got the flu!" The mag is a fashion rag for yuppies. The models wouldn't know which end of the caddy to grip. How many trees had to die, so this "thing" could live? Warning for the rats living at the landfill Do NOT eat..causes indigestion!

The Anti-Pro

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Friday, February 15, 2008

Golf Expose´

Bad news for the golfer!
It is a scientific fact that__ It is IMPOSSIBLE for the student to manipulate the golf swing once he has left the backswing position, until just before the finish. Why? Because ....from the top of the back swing to the ball takes only 1/4 of a second...Too fast for the golfer to make any necessary changes. Yet, nearly all of today's instruction ignores this all important fact.

66% of the golf swing is out of the golfer's control. Because the golf swing is so fast, the golfer is not aware that he has actually hit the ball until it's 45 YARDS (1/2 a football field) "Gone." How can the golfer make corrections in his swing when his reaction time is not fast enough to make any difference?

Why does the golf industry focus on instruction that is impossible for the student to do? Do they not understand the body's reaction time or are they chasing the money?

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Your Money's Worth


"Honey, I'm home!"

" How was your lesson, dear?"

" Great...he told me I need to swing around my vertabrae, move my hips more and my shoulders less, rotate my ankles inward on the downswing, cup my left wrist at the top of the back swing, flex my stomach muscles at impact, and wear a cap that isn't so tight."

"How much was your lesson, dear?"

" $75, honey."

"Sounds like you got your money's worth! How are you hitting the ball now?"

" Terrible, but he told me I just need to practice my new habits and to come back next week for another lesson."


"Honey, I'm home!"

" How was your lesson, dear?"

" Great, I added 30 yards to my drives!"

" How much did he charge you, dear?"

" $75, honey."

" What all did he tell you to do?"

" Have a longer back swing."

" That's it?...A longer backswing?..& he charged you $75? I could have told you that....and bought a new dress with the money. Only one tip? You got ripped off!"

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The Book Store

It's been suggested that I write a book.

The informed golfer is waking up to the cold hard scientific fact that most golf instruction is IMPOSSIBLE for we human beans to physically do. No need to check into the asylum...It ain't our fault!

Seems that someone finally realized that the golf swing is too fast to make the changes the golf instructor is ___getting rich___selling.

Too fast to react? Who says so? Some lame-brained golf bum? No, Mister & Miz, The scientific community___that's who SAYS SO! Sit tight...we have the proof coming up in a few days.

Science has now validated what I knew instinctively 6___Look out__No misprint___SIX decades ago. I've been around! More on that later!

Oh yes, The Book...& its going to be a doozy.. will knock the "Teaches" right on their kollective keisters.

...So my lovely wife and I traipse out on Valentines Day to Barnes & Noble's to check out golf book sizes, shapes, formats, appeal, color. Our competition, ya know. After a few minutes I had to leave, actually sensed myself getting mad, started to shake. Why? Because the instruction was a pack of lies. Science and Physics have underwritten this fact___It is humanly IMPOSSIBLE for golfers to do what these faux instructors are telling them to do. Hell, the so called golf instructors CAN'T do what they are telling golfers to do.

We left the store with one thought in mind. The golf books should be in the FICTION section of the book store.

Jim McLellan,
"The Anti-Pro" & for good reason!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Fairy Tales

There are thoz who love to believe that an overgrown mouse can talk if Walt sez so. But, they don't want to hear that we are borrowing a Billion dollars a day to support our war habit.

Truth and common sense have gone out of style. Ralph Nader told the truth, ran for the presidency, and received 3% of the vote. One of today's contenders promises health care for all although our country is flat broke. Seems like America is buying it..."IT" is leading in the polls. The ONLY candidate who is telling the truth is so far down in the ratings the press never mentions him.

Tell the golfer that most of the money he has squandered on golf lessons is gone forever & has been traded for rotten unbreakable habits. He/she doesn't want to hear "it." Tell the golfer that more golf instruction from the same sources will produce the same lousy results. He/she WON'T hear "it."

The child doesn't want to hear about the war in Iraq or other horror stories before they go night-night...They want to hear Fairy Tales. Helps them sleep better. Sweet dreams, America!

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

From 90% to 99.999% of today's golf instruction is utter nonsense, gibberish, mish-mash, twaddle, bull, poppycock, rot, gobbledygook, hogwash, babble, jabber, bosh, bunk, double talk, & hooey. The result is that you will get worse, take a giant leap backwards, hate golf and quit....eventually!

Not strong enough? How 'bout this. Once the bogus information is in your skull, it's real difficult to get it out. So it is, indeed, not harmless information. You eat the Twinkie, you wear it!

Most of today's instruction will not only make your golf game worse but it is virtually impossible for the human machine to perform the absurd "tips" up-chucked by the friendly folks living down the street at the the golf industry house.
We are privy to a new study that scientifically ____Once & For All___proves this point. That information will be presented to our readers in the next few weeks. We will be EXPOSING the golf industry for what it truly is.....Liars, thieves and con-artists!

Case in point. Someone decided to present the top 100 golf instructors in America. Have you read their crap? I don't want to dignify this group or their sponsors or cut and paste what they have to say____ concerned that some of it will adhere to the already over-loaded motor skill part of your brain....But they offer advice on how a particular maneuver will increase your yardage if you do "This" ...Get ready....after the ball is gone!!!! Another states that your problem with distance can be blamed on your ankles. 100 top instructors? my Butt!

Confused and frustrated? You should be! Where do you think your bad habits come from? That was the question...Here is the Answer.__From what you read and watch! Why do they have new <<>> "tips" every day?. because gullible golfers buy them. They are guilty for selling this nonsense....Golfers are guilty for buying it!

One of our star students wrote with an amazing story on how much his golf has improved. Want to copy his secret? It has more to do with what he is NOT doing rather than what he IS doing. He said this, " I have cancelled my golf magazine subscriptions, given away all my instruction DVD (except yours) don't watch the Golf Channel, gave my golf books to the goodwill, and tell my golf buddies I'm not interested in their 2 cents". He plays only twice a week with his son....they both shoot par!

Jim McLellan "The Anti-Pro"

Friday, February 8, 2008

New Golf Instruction Study

A brand new scientific study proves that it is impossible to learn a good golf swing using today's golf instruction methods.
In the next few days, we will be sharing conclusive evidence,that proves why ....Today's golf instruction doesn't work......very simply.... ...Because - it can't!!!

How to Whistle

Usually selling for $19.95 + $5 shipping and handling___free to our readers__ is information on "How to Whistle Mary Had a Little Lamb"___first published as an original poem by Sarah Josepha Hale on May 24, 1830.

Start by curving your tongue in a concave shape using the Genioglossus, Hyoglossus, Styloglossus, & Palatoglossus muscles in the proper sequence required to effect the various notes. Next focus on contracting the Caput Zygomatcum, Caninus, Orbicularis Oris, Quadratus Labii Inferoris Triangularis & Zygomaticus muscles in the face that purse your lips. At the same time contract the Platysma, Thyaroayoid, Amahyoid & Sternohyoid muscles in the neck that control throat tension.

While you are performing the above don't forget that you will need a wind source to power the notes. Use you deltoid and trapezious muscles to raise the shoulders. Use the pectoral major and minor muscles and latisimus dorsal muscles to expand the chest cavity, filling both of the lungs with the correct amount of oxygen. Next, use the Rectus Abdomus muscles to contract & work the diaphragm to squeeze the correct amount of air out of the lungs, up the wind pipe, past the larynx, up to the back part of the throat, over the tongue, and out the lips.

Make sense? Then WHY do you think today's golf instruction makes sense? They use a similar approach____conviencing golfers that the golf swing is very difficult. When in reality, if you can whistle___you can have a superb golf swing! It's that simple!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Ron's Gone Fishin'

Hi Jim,

Golf has always been an enjoyable but frustrating experience with the one shot always bringing me back the next time to see if I had figured it out. After years of insanity, I gave up.

I have always loved flyfishing so it became my passion. I played golf only in corporate events or with a family member on vacation.

Fast forward to last year. We are playing a corporate scramble for a charity sponsored by my comapany. I had my token good shot and felt that I had contributed to my team, but this nagging thought of what could be if I got serious and practised continued ringing in my head.

To the computer I go. Got to find a golf lesson on the internet.

If I continue to do what I have done, I will get what I have always had. (bad slice). I wanted the perfect swing. So I typed in "perfect swing", and there is a picture of this guy's swing....and it was perfect. No, really perfect. I was mezmorized. I kept playing it over and over. I thought " If I had that swing, I wouldn't be the one shot wonder anymore." Then I read the testimonals. If I continue to do what I have always done, I will get what I've always had. So...I ordered your video and the McSwinger. This is the only money I ever spent on instruction. If this doesn't work I'm going fishing.

Got the video in the mail with the McSwinger. Followed the instructions. I did not strike a golf ball for 3 weeks. My swing improved and so did my concept of the game. I realized that in order to be successful on the course, I had to master the swing so my mind was not involved in the actual striking of the ball.

Years of baseball and softball had trained me to hit the ball, not swing the bat. I had to change my approach. If I continued to do what I have always done, I get what I have always had. So I made a committment to myself that not a day would go by that I didn't swing a club. I wanted my swing on auto-pilot so I could concentrate on the game and not the swing.

It has now been 5 months. Some of the results have been remarkable. But None of the results have been the SAME!

I played a local course. Hole #11...430 par 4.... Dogleg left, downhill to the green. Drive landed about 280 and rolled to 385. I am now offically hooked on this game! My longest drive prior to my practise was 230 or 240. I have played this course 6 times since then and have hadseveral drives over 300. (with witnesses). I am going to break 80 this summer. My range game has gone from shanks to 60 out of 80 9 irons within a 20 foot circle of the target. 39 straight 5 woods in a row. My clubs are now 20 yrds on average longer that 5 months ago.

My shots are not perfect, but my swing is. I guess the most important thing that your system, of tools and video, has done for me is restore the passion and enjoyment of the game.

My sincere thanks.
Ron Wallace
Cumming GA