Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Golf Instructor

Hi there Jim. I'm emailing from down under to let you know that I "Fired da Bum" and guess who that is. Yes it is me. You see, I have been studying the golf swing for over 20 years and also became an accredited coach through the World Golf Teachers Federation completing a Masters a couple of years ago. I've been teaching with lots of success on a part-time basis and my objective is to finish off my working life teaching full-time. Always keen to learn new approaches/ideas etc.

I've studied Harmon, Hogan, Leadbetter etc. etc. and have also tried to apply a number theories to my own game with some success, but not the consistency that is required to play at a high level. Because I have a passion for teaching I found your website back in 2005 and it struck a cord with me at the time so I bought your DVD. I must admit that when I first looked at it I thought "oh this is just another theory on the golf swing and I can come up with my own answers" - Wrong!!!!

I played to a handicap of 3 going back a few years ago based on my own style and understanding of the various components of the game. So you can see that I have the confidence to take my game to the next level if I can just find the answers. However, over recent times my game has been going backwards. More than likely because, as you advocate, my brain is saturated with so many swing thoughts that I'm not swinging freely.

Out of frustration I thought I would dig out your DVD and take another look at it. To my surprise I suddenly understood/clicked with your philosophies on the golf swing. Probably because I'm a lot wiser now after teaching full time for 8 months at a 5 star resort in Nth Queensland. Anyway, I decided to give your drills a go. My classic problem was a slice and I always thought that my swing plane played a major role in this but I now understand the role that the hands play is the prime determinant leading to an open club face at impact.

I have only been practicing your methods for a week and Jim I cheated today and went out on the course for 9 holes. Apologies, but my excuse is that the weather was too good not to be on the golf course. Anyway, I applied your swing thought methods, just let the ball get in the way and comfortably played each hole to come in one under the card. I know that this was not just a lucky day out because I hit every fairway and green in regulation. I haven't done that for years. My thanks to you.

You can bet that I will be sticking with it and also passing it onto my students. If you are ever looking at starting a school in my neck of the woods I'd love to talk with you about any business opportunities. I'll keep you informed as to my progress. I'm excited about getting to the best level I can achieve and I'm sure that this will happen if I stick with your methods.

I have no hesitation in recommending them to any seasoned players or newcomers -just trust it and it will happen!!

Des Heffernan ( Accredited Golf Teacher - Australian Golf Teachers Federation, Adelaide - South Australia )