Monday, May 12, 2008

The Real Game of Golf

"There is something extremely important about what Jim McLellan strives to teach, which many students can't or don't want to see.

We live in a culture that is fixated on the foreground (golf lessons, magazines and books, freeze frame golf analysis) and yet Jim struggles to reveal the background (essence, rhythm, interaction of golf and life) . . . This background is the source of the power and drama of the game of golf. It gives life and makes golf breathe. It provokes rather than distracts, confronts rather than pacifies.

Golfers have lost the sense of common sense. This is why today's mainstream golf instruction is ineffective. Most people only teach the foreground and most people only ever "get" the foreground, because it is what is being taught today. It is easy to point to; it's tangible, but it is also superficial.

The foreground is important only to the degree that it points to the background, to make the background leap out. This is what it means for golf to "get" you--to be seized by the power of the real game of golf.

What Jim seeks to teach isn't mere metaphor; it isn't just talk. It is precisely what is deepest, most poignant, and most real about the potential and possibilities of one's personal relationship with their REAL golf game! "

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Kate said...

I too live in one-way blog land, for the most part. Just an idea I have....people like blogs that offer something free or that have some kind of contest or the like. For me that would mean knitting patterns, or photos that show how to accomplish a certain effect...or some surprise gift to the 5th person to respond....or something like that. Every once in a while I leave a comment on someone's blog and add my blog address....and most times they will visit my blog just out of curiosity. I don't know if these things can be helpful in the golf blog word, but I hope you get some golfers to respond to your blog. It's really nice...and fun too.

The Anti-Pro said...

Beulah! Thank You for sending your insightful suggestions!!! I checked out your blog at WOW...nice, informative and great ideas/love. If a "super knitting lady" in Burlington, Colorado can be a part of our blog...You golfers can too! It's your BLOG!