Friday, July 25, 2008

EZ to be a Good Golfer, Difficult to be a Bad Golfer

You might think that to do something well requires spending a great deal of time and money.

In golf, acquiring a good game is so simple that it goes right over the heads of most golfers. They don't believe it is possible to acquire a sound game with very little time and money invested. Instead they are convinced, since professional tournament golfers are zillionaires, that it must require the same investment of time and money that is necessary to become a renowned brain surgeon!

In fact, most great golf swings are simply copied. Of course, any skill requires a great deal of practice, but the principles necessary to get the basic know how are ridiculously simple. On the other hand, to become a bad golfer takes hard work and lots of money.

Playing BAD golf requires reading tons of books, taking a multitude of golf lessons, listening to advice from every Tom, Dick, & Mary, watching golf videos until you go blind, and filling your head with every tip that comes down the pike. The more time and money spent the worse the golfer becomes. Yet__ the BAD golfer is wired to continue down that same path to ruin. There in lies the rub.

Most of our students are really P.O'd when they learn how EZ it is to learn a mighty fine golf swing...AFTER they have blown plenty of time & M$ney___only to end up with a golf swing that is inconsistent, lacks power and accuracy, and looks like a lunatic snake killer. There is no way they can recoup the money or the wasted time. They would have been far ahead had they come to us as beginners, with a clean slate, free of bad habits acquired through lousy golf instruction.

The good news is that our students are finally on the road to a swing with power and consistency and accuracy that is beautiful to watch and a pleasure to own. Their swings are built on 3 proven factors, lots of practice, and monitoring themselves via video tape. How simple? How much can you think in two seconds? What other sport takes two seconds? In what other sport does the ball just sit there until you hit it? Learning golf__ the right way__ is as EZ as eating Mom's apple pie with two scoops of home made vanilla ice cream!

Jim McLellan

The AntiPro/The Maverick

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