Wednesday, June 17, 2009

McLellan's "AbNabber"

If a tree is to withstand powerful winds it must have a strong trunk. This allows the branches to move in the wind and yet the tree stands firm and rooted. In order for the golfer to "withstand" a high speed golf swing , he too, must have a strong trunk (strong abdominal muscles . . .Abs!)Weak abs will destroy a golf swing just as a weak link in a chain.

I invented "AbNabber" to directly target the golfers abdominal muscles! Sit-ups and crunches are largely ineffective for strengthening abdominal muscles. The abs are responsible for only the first 30 degree of lift in a sit up. The hip flexors, NOT the abs, are responsible thereafter. Standard ab exercises can aggravate the spine and lower back. Sit-ups and crunches cause the abdominal area to protrude during their performance. "AbNabber" causes these muscles to tighten and draw inward, where they should be.

Push the palm of your right hand down on the desk top while you touch your abs with the finger tips of your left hand. The harder you push down with your right hand, the more your abs contract. Your abs contract so that you CAN push down. Your abs contract so that you CAN swing a golf club.
With "AbNabber," abs immediately contract and within a few seconds begin to shake indicating that you have "hit the target". An "AbNabber" workout is 4 times more effective than other ab routines. Those who have tried "AbNabber" all have the same response. "WOW, It works. I want one!

"AbNabber" weighs less than 2 pounds and is totally portable. The best place to use "AbNabber" is sitting right there at your desk! No need to go to the gym or get down on the floor to work abs. Simply reach for "AbNabber," compress the springs and immediately notice the effectiveness of this little machine.

"AbNabber" will improve strength and produce flatter and firmer ab muscles. As an added benefit, while using "AbNabber," the lats, triceps, chest, shoulders and forearms are also streghtened and firmed.

"AbNabber" is hand crafted (right here in Tennessee) and made of the finest select walnut or cherry. . . & looks real good just sitting on your desk.

We are only making 30 "AbNabbers." I am offering them to my golf students before I decide if I will build more for the general market place.

$65--- free shipping. Foreign ---$75 includes shipping.

"AbNabber" ships Priority mail and comes with complete instructions.

You can order "AbNabber," by following this link and clicking on Secure Order Form at the top of the page. If you have questions email me.

Jim McLellan

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