Saturday, September 5, 2009

Golf Made Simple

This from one of our golf students with a sense of humor!

Golf Made Simple US Patent Issued In 1975

Golf Made Simple…not with this machine!

According to the inventor, this giant training arch allows "the swing to be accommodated even in a sport having a swing as complex as that of golf wherein the club may travel through a continuously changing swing plane and which changes may themselves change depending upon the particular club or the various parameters dictating the required shot to be executed, even when the same club is utilized from shot to shot", end quote. You may want to re-read that a couple of times to grasp the full potential of the St. Louis arch of the golf world. And, the aforementioned changing changes are accommodated by hydraulic fluid, valves, electrical sensors and actuators. This thing is just too complex to explain in a paragraph or two, or three, or four. But we do know you have to wear a helmet like device and your odds of being able to relax and develop a natural swing are almost zip.

Jim McLellan
aka/The Anti Pro/ The Maverick
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Wavy said...

I'm shocked nobody tried to manufacture and market that thing. Golfers seem to have a lot of what Dan Kennedy calls "dumb money". They'll buy anything if told it'll help their game.