Monday, June 9, 2008


Golf : In my hand I hold a ball.... white and dimpled, rather small....Oh, how bland it does appear.... this harmless looking little sphere....By its size I could not guess.... the awesome strength it does possess....But since I fell beneath its spell.... I've wandered through the fires of hell....My life has not been quite the same.... Since I chose to play this game....It rules my mind for hours on end... A fortune it has made me spend....It has made me swear and yell and cry....I hate myself and want to die....It promises a thing called par....If I can hit straight and far...To master such a tiny ball...should not be very hard at all But my desires the ball refuses.... and does exactly like it chooses....It hooks and slices, dribbles and dies.... and even disappears before my eyes...Often it will take a whim.... to hit a tree or take a swim...With miles of grass on which to land.... it finds a tiny patch of sand....Then has me offering up my soul.... if only it would find the hole....It's made me whimper like a pup....and swear that I will give it up....And take a drink to ease my sorrow....but the ball knows.....I'll be back tomorrow!!!!

Author Unknown
Hopefully this poor lost soul will find McLellan Golf!
Jim McLellan "The Anti-Pro/The Maverick"


Anonymous said...

After over 30 years...

Thanx to Jim's vids...

My slice is gone.

Was banishing my decades-old slice simple? Yes.

Has it been easy?

It's required a lot of daily practice.

And it could have happened a year earlier, but I lost a full season while my back healed.

Now my golf balls travel straight -- regardless of what club I'm using -- and the consistency with which they travel straight still astounds me...

And if I WANT to slice or hook the ball, then I follow the simple instructions Jim gives and... MY CHOICE of hook or slice arrives.

Get the vids kids. I tell everyone who asks -- and some who don't -- McGolf dot com.

Anonymous said...

Jim, I know the key to the McGolf "system" lies in its simplicity. Hands high, swing through, hands high on the follow through with a still head, however I cant keep "coming over the top" where am I going wrong?

The Anti-Pro said...

"Over the top" is a pop phrase coined by the golf industry and means a 1,000 different things to a 1,000 different golfer. What does it mean to you, what effect does it have on your golf, where did you "get it", and how do you think you can "cure it"?

Anonymous said...

I am the one who wrote the original question. I constantly start the downswing with my shoulders turning left, when I start with my arms I always slice the ball.

The Anti-Pro said...

It seems to me that if you know what you are doing "wrong" you should stop doing it.

Do you have our McLellan Golf DVDs?
The solution for your problems are well covered in our instruction & feedback from 1,000s+ validates that it works and works very well.

Anonymous said...

Jim, I am impressed! You took 30 years off and went out and shot par! That is very impressive.

I'm still learning this great game. I have only been playing 2 1/2 years and I'm shooting in the low 80s. I have your videos and the swing trainer. I'm looking forward to my first par round or at least my first round in the 70s.

The Anti-Pro said...

Hi Phil! The secret to the magic trick (My Swing)is I never allowed anything in my swing that didn't need to be there. Being lazy, I always wanted to build a great swing with the least amount of information necessay and then never mess with it. Granted it took a LOT of practice...but I never thought about the swing I just "did it". & It works!

Keep in mind that the golf industry would go broke if everyone approached their game this way.

Anonymous said...

I'm still in the process of copying your swing. While watching and studying your swing, I've noticed that you lift your left heel slightly off the ground during your back swing. Is this an important thing to know/copy or is it more of a timing device to start your downswing?

The Anti-Pro said...

Phil! Stand up with your feet about shoulder width apart___right now in front of your computer.
Imagine a golf club in your hands and swing your hands to the backswing position. Notice how..the natural turning of the body "automatically" lifts the left heel off the floor (ground). Be careful not to micro-manage your swing. Focus on the 3 key factors, the minute details will take care of themselves. Write anytime.