Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Senses

If everything is working correctly, There are 5 Human Senses. Before you count to make sure you have all of yours, let me lend a hand, or an ear, or an eye ball, or a tongue, or a sniffer.

These senses help us meander about during the dash. Oh, you haven't heard about the dash? It's what's on tombstones between our debut and the final curtain.

Wonderful news!!!.... these organs do NOT require conscious thought to work properly, nor do we need to know how they work for them to work.

Gotta minute? Ever ponder the magnificence of the eye, ear, nose, tongue, or bazillion sensors for touch? This machine, we can refer to as US OR YOU, goes about it's business with it's "super sensors" working perfectly, with absolutely no thought required on our part. We don't have to think, thank God, about all that takes place at any given mini, minuscule, itty bitty, very small fraction of a split split second.

Enter the golf pro. Who left the gate open? Who didn't tell the guard at the asylum how important it was to keep these dangerous creatures in their straight jackets strapped to the gurney, heavily medicated, in the rubber room with the door securely locked with a dozen dead bolts?.....Before they hurt somebody!

Beware, big time, for he/she has license (sometimes referred to as a PGA card in their wallet or purse) to destroy a perfectly good God given swing in exchange for a victims money, honey. You see, the only way the golf pro (theif) can successfully chase down & slaughter their prey (the slow runner in the herd) is to first convince the student that unless they THINK about how the body parts work & function, they won't.
Is ridiculous a strong enough word? Our Creator designed us with such genius that knowing any of this is not only totally unnecessary but it would definitely get in the way if it worked any other way.

Time to discuss how all of "This" realates to your golf swing. Before I completely run out of verboseness, let me ask you a question. Doesn't it make perfect sense to you by now that.....To have a great golf swing, 'ya don't have'ta know what organs, muscles, tendons, ligaments are involved or how they work? As if by magic, they just do.

So enlightened audience members . . . to Swing, simply___ Swing! The only sense that really counts to own a beautiful golf swing is___Common sense!

Jim McLellan

The AntiPro/Maverick

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jim,

I enjoy your perspective on the simple swing very much. Now that I've been UN-trained from the idiocy of the professional (PGA) golf swing approach (i.e. mechanical), I have had many chuckles talking with golfing co-workers and how they analyze the minutia that is THEIR golf swing. I block it out, go home and swing beautifully in the privacy of my back yard (i.e. "un-tangling the web").


The Anti-Pro said...

Mark! You have broken the code. Simple works sooooo good, doesn't it? My most difficult task is to try & convenience golfers that 99.9% of what they hear about the golf swing is BS. They refuse to believe that the swing really is quite simple. Most golfers fall for complex advice hawked by the all mighty golf industry. What they fail to see is that...If the pga (etc.) didn't keep the golfer confused he wouldn't buy more of their nonsense and golf pros(?) would starve to death.