Thursday, July 24, 2008

John's Got Guts

Would you have the guts to tell the world that you (if you can't break a 100) would shoot par golf on a championship golf course in one short year? John Richardson did just that. Fewer than one in a million would dare make that statement. Few golfers have even thought about it, dreamed about it, or discussed it with anyone, even after several adult beverages at the 19th hole.

Unless you enjoy being laughed at or like being the recipient of, "I told you it was impossible," from the know it alls, you may decide to keep such lofty goals to yourself. Not John. Here's a guy with a family and a job that takes 50 hours a week, telling the world that he will do it! John's got guts!

Fewer than one in a million in the entire history of golf have done what John did. After John "shot off" about what he was going to do he rolled up his selves and went to work to prove the naysayers wrong. It is possible. John is the proof. John's got guts!

John and I could have a grand time discussing how the vast majority of golf instruction, on the market today, is pure BULL. We know that the great golf swing is built on surprisingly few principles. John can tell you, first hand, not only what he considers necessary but more importantly what isn't! John is not some blow hard golf pro, but a real guy who shot real par in ONE year. John cracked the code! John's got guts!

Anyone interested in playing better golf can learn a LOT from John. Check him out a Seems simple to me . . . the exact/correct information and hours and hours of practice does the trick. That's what John did!

John has accomplished an incredible feat using this formula. No need to re-invent the wheel or fall for false promises abundant from the golf industry. Keep it simple & copy John! He won't care. Perhaps we should have him Knighted! A Knight with guts . . . how appropriate.

Jim McLellan

TheAntiPro/The Maverick

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John Richardson said...

What can I say Jim? I'm really quite moved by that post and appreciate it enormously. As you well know some very famous folk said that it wasn't possible and I did indeed have my neck pretty heavily stuck out there.

But I met some amazing people along the way and obviously I count you in that group. Great people are always attracted to people who stick their neck out. They don't bother with people who don't do anything interesting so the chance to met some great and truly inspirational people easily outweighed all the issues with the naysayers.

Thanks again.

Your friend


The Anti-Pro said...

John! I marvel at your accomplishment! None of the star professional/millionaire golfers..who are household names among golfers.. have done what you did! It is a pleasure to know you.

Jim McLellan

Unknown said...

I am fascinated by John's drive to shoot par. I am also very thankful that he went through what he did so we don't think we have to. He cuts through all the crap. What is liberating is that by watching Jim's swing and ingraining that feeling while practicing at home without a ball, it frees up time to work on what really matters to scoring and that is the short game. I watch guys at the range putting themselves in all kinds of positions and having very jerky swings and often think, "If only they knew."


The Anti-Pro said...

Yep! Me too David. As you say...
"If only they knew." My swing is built on my philosophy that I LOVE simple and HATE anything that ain' that better than isn't.