Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What's More Important?

What's More Important!
The horse or the carriage? The passer or the receiver? The husband or the wife? The instructor or the student?

We ship orders to every state in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, Scotland, France, Germany,Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, Austria,
China, Japan, Iceland, Greenland, Brazil, Argentina, United Kingdom, Bahamas, Thailand, Belgium, South Africa, Singapore, Costa Rica, Poland, Denmark,Philippines, Norway, Finland, Italy,Malaysia . . . every country on our blue-green globe with the exception of the North and South Poles.

We sell more DVDs to foreign countries than the USA. We sell more DVDs to California, Texas, Florida, and New York than all the other states combined. We currently sell more DVDs to the United Kingdom than to the United States of America.

We send the same instruction to every county, every student. Our instruction is the standard. The student is the variable. The degree of success is totally dependant on the student's dedication and devotion to that instruction. The instruction alone will make little difference. The instruction and a dedicated student have had a huge impact on countless golfers, many of whom, we will never have the pleasure of meeting.

The various possibilities for golfers and instruction are these . . . Bad instruction-good student. Good instruction-bad student. Bad instruction-bad student. Good instruction-good student.

Most of today's golf instruction is flawed and may, unfortunately, end up in the hands of a good students willing to do their part, only to discover that their game is worse off. The only winners are the sellers of that instruction. There is also the scenario of the golfers who have within their reach some fine golf instruction, either ours or the rare gifted golf instructor, who are unwilling to do their part.

Personally, I have seen the complete spectrum. It doesn't matter where our instruction goes, the results are the same. A small percent really work at it and do extremely well. Most work at it some with noticeable improvement. &&& then there are those who think that just having our instruction sitting in a pile with their other golf instruction DVDs will somehow make a difference, as they rush to buy more instruction thinking that the secret is in the reading or viewing of the information alone.

The rare students who are fully dedicated to reaching their potential, with the proper work ethic, who follow my instruction (to the letter) make my life (and theirs) an absolute joy. Live everyday like it will be your last. Someday it will be!

Jim McLellan
The AntiPro/The Maverick
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Anonymous said...

Jim, You must see this- I was at the range recently and noticed how some people practice. Beating ball after ball at a frantic pace, not taking a breather, or even letting off the grip for a few seconds. I've learned to treat each ball like a golf course shot, pick the club out of the bag, stand behind it, aim etc, -everything as I would at the course. Sometimes, I will even hit driver, then take out an iron and hit and finally a wedge, just like golf. I used to let the constant sound of others hitting draw me into the same frantic pace, but I've learned to relax and enjoy the practice time just like a round of golf. My thought for today... Keep up the great work!

The Anti-Pro said...

Thanks BT! &&&& YOU keep up the good work, as well.

Write anytime!