Sunday, September 28, 2008

Golfer's Crap Shoot!

Take lessons from 10 different "PGA certified, pasteurized, & homogenized" golf pros and get 10 different views on how to swing a golf club. Wouldn't you think that at least 2 of them would agree on 1 THING?

Read 10 different golf books from supposed authorities and none of them agree on any THING. Wouldn't you think that at least 2 could agree on Some THING?

Read 10 different golf magazine tips from hot shot golf instructors with a new toup, over-bleached teeth, pink slacks & canary yellow shirts and discover how to ruin your game in 1 article.....10 different ways!

Watch 10 different DVDs and get 10 different views on how NOT to swing a golf club. Wouldn't you think that feedback from customers would have put them out of business by now?

Do you catch the "catch".? IF they knew HOW THE GOLF SWING REALLY WORKED ... doesn't it logically follow that they would agree on SOMETHING? But since they don't, the uninformed golfer continues to buy more and more of their endless supply of addictive junque! The CATCH is__ they DO know what the golfer will "fall for" and how to get their money. Being successful in the sales of golf information doesn't require good golf instruction, just good marketing.

No wonder golfers throw clubs, break clubs, sell clubs, get frustrated and confused and quit. They find little joy in our game instead of a LOT! Keeping the naive golfer/customer confused is how the golf instructor and other predators survive. In that group of "bedfellows" one might find starving sharks, con-artists, drug pushers, medicine men, carnival barkers, wall street shysters, political scoundrels and eventually your friendly neighborhood nut house.

Jim McLellan
The AntiPro/The Maverick

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