Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Golfer's Play Ground

Where's your favorite personal play ground for improving your golf? Perhaps your local golf course or maybe a lush-plush golf resort? Maybe you really enjoy a quiet practice session at the local range. Where then is the ideal "place" to hone your golfing skills?

Where does the golf swing live? Does your swing really consist of the muscle memory? If you lost your head somewhere, your muscles would have no memory of your golf swing. Muscle memeory doesn't exist. Your golf swing can be found in your very complex and awesome PC gleaming in the glow of pride and confidence perched high atop your neck!

The golfers brain is as sensitive & delicate as hauling nitroglycerin over a bumpy road in an old truck with no shocks. Yet, reckless golfers would take that truck, pop the clutch, peel out, speed shift, brake the speed limit and endanger lives, besides their own, every day. More information only adds to the Kay-Ah-Tic state in that mass of moist wadded up bubble gum (brain) driving it into a murky, vertigo state of increased confusion, frustration, futility, anxiety and hopelessness. Enough adjectives?

The finest, most efficient "place" to practice lies right between your ears. And the best way to transfer what it needs is through "hard wiring" practice mentally. The brain can NOT
differentiate between actually swinging the club and thinking about it!!!
Here's the FREE scoop on instantaneous M-Prove-Mint. Expose yourself (be careful), to watching a good golf swing and it will become part of your swing. Warning.... carelessly watching a lousy golf swing will become part of your swing, as well.

The ultimate time of day, to hard wire your swing with the riches of King Solomons Mine, Here comes THE SECRET__ is first thing in the morning while you are still half asleep and the very last thing at night just before falling asleep. And here's how to do it. Next paragraph.

Go to the end of Volume II where I'm swinging to music and watch my swing for 15 to 20 minutes in the AM & PM. Don't analyse it!!! Just let it travel through your eyes and directly attach itself to the motor skill part of your machinery. Can't sleep? . . . get up and watch the swing . . . you can turn off the music if there's someone selfishly trying to sleep. Sit there, blurry eyed, and just watch it over and over and over and over.

One of our star students in Kentucky copped an "all nighter" and emerged with a golf swing far superior to the one he had the day before. John Richardson (read his story on a previous post) of Northern Ireland watched my swing thousands of times on his way to becoming a world class golf instructor extraordinaire.

You will be astounded at the difference in your game in just a dash of time. And, ONE more thing__ burn all your golf books, magazines, and golf videos (except one) and take no more golf lessons, if you are deadly serious about getting better!

Jim McLellan/Dr. Frankenstein

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coachwalls said...

Love the blog Jim. I first bought your videos in 1998 or '99. I've watched them multiple times over the years and they have served me well.

I've strayed a couple of times but keep coming when I realize that I'm being an idiot. As you say, more information just clogs that brain waves.

I coach high school golf and I always show your first video on the first day of practice. We start pracitce monday and I plan on showing it again.

Some of the kids laugh and blow off the videos. Others, usually the kids that haven't been playing very long, pay attention and start praciting they way you tell them to. It never fails that the kids who pay the most attention to the videos will be the most improved players by the end of the year.

Thanks again and keep up the good work.