Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fads !

The '59 Cadillac represented the most outrageous fins display short of World War II's P-38 Lightening fighter aircraft. Fins slowly diminished with every passing year and were soon found only at a classic car show.

Long hair today short hair tomorrow, no hair next week. Long dresses and side burns and short dresses and no burns. Mustaches and goatees and Mr. Clean. Roy & Gene & Tarzan and Superman and The Terminator and Spidie. No meat diets and plenty of meat diets and fasting and honey enemas. Most fads are harmless but some have serious side effects.

No where are fads more a part of the landscape than in our game. Unfortunately they have very real side effects. Fads come and go because starry-eyed golfers sniff the opportunity to unlock the secret to fine golf with the next tip (read FAD). Once again they make fools out of themselves, falling for just one more marketing scheme. These fads have a short shelf life and are dropped like a hot horse shoe once they are exposed as worse than worthless. They are successful and make big money for the marketing bandits, however.

The fins on the '59 Caddy are amusing but harmless and can evoke smiles from those who remember the good old days or wish they did. Breaking bad golfing habits, traded for hard earned dough, is not amusing. BUT . . . as long as there are fads and carnivals and Ponzi schemes there will be customers.

Jim McLellan/Anti-Pro

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