Friday, June 20, 2008

Me & Tiger Woods, Comparing Golf Swings!

Top billing over Tiger Woods? How's it possible? Here's how. I own the keyboard and I write a M followed by an e, followed by a space. Then I tap &, and another space then on to a T to kick off the word Tiger. Later I will compare my golf swing, which will make far more sense for you, to Woody's! Ego maniac or truth sayer? We'll see.

As I write this post, Mr.Tiger Woods has just snatched the 108th National Open Championship away from the grasp of one Cindy Rella. Rocco Mediate had massive support from those who believe in miracles. I, among millions, was rooting for this, 45+ year old, underpuppy to have his named embroidered on the gleaming gold "cup" that represents the epitome of golf's most prestigious spectacle.

& since the OPEN means that it is OPEN to anyone who qualifies__ it would have been fitting to see a guys name like Rocco on "THE CUP", don't you agree? Additionally, in honor of all of us well over 30 with thinning hair, a slight pot, and a few aches to see one of "us", Golf's Rocky Balboa, holding the crown jewel goblet over his head as the crowd goes wildly nuts. Not to mention, which I'm going to mention, middle aged guys from coast to coast and across the pond skipping around the house yelling, "I'm Young, I'm Young!"

Who won or lost does nothing for your golf game. But a fleeting quote from a TV caster will. That utterance was immediately caught by my non-golfing wife who is the recipient of Alexander Bells "grams" from frustrated golfers, "singing the blues" over what has happened to their golf game, thanks to some inept so called teaching pro.

The quote that sprang from the lips of one of the common taters, through space at 186,000 miles per second and rattled my wife's hammer, anvil, and stirrup has mysteriously vanished from the ramblings of the word writers. Perhaps you too caught it?! Hopefully, the quote should be a wake up call for all those being slammed about by the golf industry intent on keeping the golfer confused in order for the N-Dust-Trees wherewithal to buy Duesenburg Touring Coupes, Saddam's old Palaces, cruise ships, and use Treasury Bonds for papier hygiƩnique..That's "butt wipe" fur Hillbillies.

FYI..The quote that should spawn tsunami waves through golfdom was overheard by an announcer from a player who said he was firing his golf coaches ass and would be taking advice ONLY from the man who got him started in our game in the first place....his Father. Got your ear to the ground, Buick driver?

Who was Snead's and Hogan's and Nelson's golf coach? Jack had some early advice, but all these guys eventually figured IT out themselves. The very powerful multi-multi dollar golf industry (which is 99.9% HS). . . has the aspiring golfer in their cross hairs & is successfully destroying any possibility for rational thinking, logic, and cause and effect through the persistent and repetitive propaganda of their multi-ton locomotive steaming down the tracks, out of control, at break neck speed, spewing said HS all over the place. Whew...Did you get through that whole sentence without breathing? If only the information had the appropriate smell, warning the golfer to avoid the substance coming out of the North end of the horse (see HS above). not step in it or allow it to be a part of your already fragile & vulnerable golf swing.

The meat and potatoes of Mr. Broad Shoulders swing was that time spent with his POP, not some rip off golf coach. Yet, the Jungle Cat doesn't think he has found the swing that will take him into his twilight years as evidenced by the company he keeps with swing coach leaches. Having money to buy the "best???" golf instruction in the world could prove to be his undoing. His current swing (which may change several the time we go to press) is a young man's swing & requires a superbly honed athlete to drive it. It's micro managed & takes an inordinate amount of work to keep it firing on all 8 cylinders. He will have to change "things" in his swing as he ages. His present swing won't work as well in another 5 years, let alone when he's 40, 50, or 60. He is already becoming one of the wildest drivers on tour since Seve Ballesteros.

Momma Kutilda's baby boy needs to study guys like Sam Snead and lean toward a swing that requires little management, no thought, and will last when the temples start turning gray. Tiny Sam Alexis' Daddy continues to mess with his swing thanks to high priced golf gurus who he must think know more about HIS golf swing than he does. "Here Mr. Woods, lets try this swing, this week" "So what if you won the '97 Masters by 12 shots, big deal...let's change your swing and see if you can win by 24 next time."

Mr. Ben Hogan's complex swing required a Jupiteresque amount of practice that would make the average golfer's hands grow blisters, calluses, crack & bleed. Mr. average golfer doesn't have that much time to practice. Best pick a low, maintenance golf swing! I prefer Sam Snead's approach. Silky Smooth Swingin Sammy Snead could maintain a Super Sweet Syrupy Swing (like oil on wet glass) in most part because, while the other technocrats were experimenting in search of some secret smoke and mirrors golf swing, Sam was fishing. Sam won more tournaments than any pro ever, and played mighty fine golf well into his 80s. A "shot out of the canon golf swing" would have been in the junk yard long ago, by then. He was a great thinker because he DIDN'T! P.S. Remember when a fish has no eye you have a fsh.

Time's running out "Wearer of the Spider Man Red Shirt on Sunday"..Find your swing quick, want one that still works in the future and hasn't been destroyed seeking oohs and awes from the gallery. Revving up to the red line, corkscrewing the spine via the lats and spinal erectors can turn a young man's swing into an old man before the checkered flag. Time passes by exponentially as more birthday cake candles set off the smoke detector. And, Mr. Showboat, before you know it you will be playing some golf with your grand kids and you need a swing that hasn't flown apart at the seams. You'll need a swing that hasn't caused permanent damage to your muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons as you fly through Metropolis. There are warning signs already if you've got your eye on the road. Think about it the next time you limp.

OK enough of that nonsense, lets talk about something special that can have real benefit for you . . . my swing! Perhaps you have seen it at Here's the scoop before I made Volume I and became the heart throb of golf students on all 7 continents. After having been head over heels in love with our game from age 8 to 24, I became disenchanted with the game I perceived as high tech and phony & opted to change careers mid- stream and play the banjo at the North Woods Inn in Colorado with a great piano player named Jay Sidell. Now then, if I had a high tech, freeze frame golf swing, IT would have rusted, deteriorated, and turned into dust over a 30 (count 'em) 30 year lay off. Good Golly Miss Molly did he say a 30 year lay off? That's what I said and did, indeed and alas it's true.

I was encouraged to make a golf instruction video by a friend whose ugly swing I turned into a thing of beauty, in about 5 minutes, in the yard. I spent about a week swingin' a dusty old club and went right out and shot par. The swing you see is the result of finding a swing as a young man that I really liked and NEVER changing it. My swing was simple, with economy of motion, pretty, yet powerful, and the envy of anyone who could tell a putter from a flag stick.

Meanwhile....Thunderous applause for Tiger! He has added some much needed color to our game that has sadly become drabsville. He has done what Arnie did in the 60s....CPR, & just in the nick of time. Goody-goody for him, but it does not a thing for your game!
Thanks to my magical keyboard cleverly installed for your entertainment.... I have the last word. As promised, by the title of this award winning article....It all comes down to this WHICH SWING WILL WORK BEST FOR YOU? &&& besides, Eldrick Tont ...Who are your students?. Who knows more about teaching the golf swing? Me, me, me or Earl's kid? Take a 30 year lay off, Captain of the 20 million dollar paid for in cash PRIVA-SEA, and we'll see. Elin's husband does have 500 million in the bank and I don't. But, I've helped more golfers than Mr. Iron Man, I play the banjo and piano and dance better than he can, & most importantly, I'm sleeping with the most beautiful girl in Tennessee.
The Anti-Pro/Maverick was hitting 300 yard drives with range balls and antique golf clubs & winning golf tournaments ++++ successfully teaching students decades before the little tadpole crawled out of the swamp (like you & me) on to the warm beach, A N D charmed anyone remotely interested in Cow Pasture Pool, Thank you. Oh Yes, and one more thing, Mr.
Woods...losing your temper and throwing clubs is something you would never see Nicklaus,
Hogan, Snead, or Nelson do! Being Number 1 gives you great responsbility. There are millions of kids watching your every move.
Jim McLellan "The Anti-Pro, The Maverick"

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razorfan said...

First off, let me say I like your teaching and it has helped me immensely.

Second, you should take a hearty dose of reality therapy before you even begin to begin to begin to begin to begin to begin to begin to begin to criticize anything about Tiger Woods and his approach to the game. He has already accomplished infinitely more than you could ever begin to begin to begin to dream of accomplishing, and as such, you should keep your mouth shut about his golf decision-making process. I don't think he needs your help.

Like I said, I like your teaching, but you should ditch the whole "angry anti-pro maverick" persona. It's not doing anyone any favors, including yourself.

razorfan said...

First, let me say, I like your teaching and it has helped me immensely.

With that said, you should not even begin to begin to begin to begin to begin to begin to begin to begin to criticize anything about Tiger Woods and his approach to the game. He has acccomplished (and will accomplish) infinitely more than you could ever begin to begin to begin to begin to dream to accomplish.

Like I said, I like your teaching, but I don't like the whole "angry anti-pro maverick" persona. It's not doing anyone (including yourself) any favors.

Anonymous said...

Stopping the motion of a golf swing on video, probably gave rise to that axiom "hit the positions" that I have heard instructors tell students. Nice way to develop a stop action, ratcheting swing! Who taught Charles Barkley?

Anonymous said...

I'm not astute enough to see that Eldricks' swing is technically difficult, but I can tell it would require way toooooo much effort for me to replicate! Smooth and easy seems easier to copy...And it looks beautiful too. Have you sent a copy of your video to Elin, she'll be the only one that can convince him...right?

Fred Greenberg said...

Razorfan don't be so critical of Jim,most of the golf analysts all made the same predications about tiger and i am a big fan of his too,they all said the only thing that could prevent him was the way he swings so hard thru the ball with body mechanics.

By the way one of Tiger's comments not to long ago about the things he thinks about the golf swing was to keep his head still all the time,just imagine if he used his hands like a whip just like his late father taught him before he started going to all the golf gurus.

Tiger is amazing because of his father's teaching not the blood sucking pros who attach on to him for thier own reputation, Tiger wins becuase of his father and the way he was brought up, he is a outstanding individual with a huge heart for humanity, if he went back to his natural usga ameateur form that was natural he would of won twenty majors by now and not be going back and forth for surgery.

The Anti-Pro said...

Thank You for the opportunity to help you with your golf game!

Every time I send the Anti-Pro to his room he climbs out the window . . .

The Anti-Pro said...

Bob T.!

Excellent point and funny!

Thanks for writing.

The Anti-Pro said...

Re: Fred Comment.

Don't beam me up just yet, Scotty,
I've found intelligent life on planet earth.

The Anti-Pro

Anonymous said...

Quite frankly, I love the AntiPro. A little out of the box thinking and a little controversy keeps things interesting. It is, after all, a GAME!! Lighten up razorfan :)

Anonymous said...

Send Eldrick's wife Elin the videos...if anyone can get him to change it'll be the wife...wives seem to be the voice of reason in any successful man's life! Though none of us want to admit it! Right?

The Anti-Pro said...

Right, Indeed!

Anonymous said...

Golf was not invented by engineers who incidently have taken over golf instruction.

David Arbelaez

The Anti-Pro said...

David! Golfers, world-wide, would play much better golf if they had your gift of common sense. On the other hand golf instructors (?) would starve to death.

Your profound comments are always welcome. Write more often!


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this post. I was rooting for Rocco myself. Man put up a hell of a fight.

Today I read an article on ESPN that made me think of you. It was about 14-year-old Victoria Tanco of Argentina, who qualified for the U.S. Women’s Open. She’s been winning tournaments since she was 8 years old. She has been offered a scholarship at the David Leadbetter Acadamy. She had this to say:

“When I got here, my swing was bad. I still shot a good score, but my swing was bad. Today, I have a much more technical swing.”

She shot a good score, but her swing wasn’t “technical” enough. Sad. Really sad. I’ve heard some people say that Leadbetter ruined Michelle Wie. I hope he doesn’t ruin Victoria Tanco.

As for me, I’m enjoying the game. I joined a weekly league at a little par-three course. A lot of people have commented on my beautiful smooth easy swing. I always tell them I learned it from your video. I say “There’s this guy who taught me that if you just get your hands up and keep your head still, everything else works automatically.” They don’t believe me, but I’m beating their pants off.

The Anti-Pro said...

Hi Philip! Your comment is loaded with wisdom. I've seen countless young, bright, talented, aspiring golfers future absolutely ruined by some golf pro that thought he or she knew the first thing about helping these "kids". I feel so sorry for them....don't know whether to punch them in the teeth or cry.

Hard to believe the playing buddies you just beat would compliment you on your beautiful smooth swing___ and then question where you got it, isn't it?

golfmom said...

I wanted to comment on your "off-golf" years. My dad (Ed Horvat) worked at the Northwoods Inn & became a friend of Jay Sidell. He and I were piano students of Jay, me for about 5 years in the early 70's. Great teacher! Found your site in a search for Jay, but have read a bunch...I have 2 Div I golfer sons & have become almost numb to golf swings tips...what I've read makes me think I should read score could be much more respectable!

The Anti-Pro said...

This is reply to Razor fan above. It is now 7 years later and Mr. McLellan was the ONLY golf instructor who predicted the demise of Mr. Tiger Woods.

Now, how do your comments look?

Lofty said...

Hi there,

Took me a long time to get back to this site, Just to say at a comparatively young 70 I ditched all that had confused me over the years when I found your wonderful site with l"Tke me out to the ball game" at its heart". So simple, so true, still and for ever. Swing high, swing high, do it again and again and keep the head still. hope I got it right. I was derailed for a dozen years ago by a well meaning friend who introduced, or was it seduced??? Me to TGM. Aaaaaaaaaaargh, lost all. From a sold 5 to a dithering idiot. Now back on track. Breaking 80 regularly, shot a 37 back none the other day. No pain, pure pleasure, smelling the hibiscus again here in deepest Spain.

grateful thanks, Jim